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We Hold These Truths: Meet Arjun Pandya, The Indian American You Want On Your Squad

Though Indian Americans are the third largest Asian group in the United States, they comprise of only 1% of the United States population.   As (statistically) one of the wealthiest ethnic communities in the country, I wanted to profile an Indian American to learn how I, too, might become rich. (Yes, I’m kidding.) As I challenged... Read more »

We Hold These Truths: Meet the Latina that Donald Trump Fears, Dr. Ann Aviles de Bradley

Like most things revolutionary in my life – such as sushi and indie house bands – I was introduced to Dr. Ann Aviles de Bradley through my older sister.   However, as soon as I learned of her vast work and research advocating for homeless youth within the Chicago Public School system, I quickly wanted... Read more »

We Hold These Truths: Meet the Real Face of Black Chicago, William Taplin

We Hold These Truths:  Meet the Real Face of Black Chicago, William Taplin
Full Disclosure:  I respect William.  In an old-school, southern boy twice-removed sort of way, he reminds me a lot of my dad.  While I initially hesitated in interviewing two Black men back-to-back, I thought that William’s perspective was both timely and needed.  As the nation continues to try to figure out what to do with... Read more »

Do Black Voters Love a Good Rhyme?

Do Black Voters Love a Good Rhyme?
Inspiration for this blog can come from the darndest places. Today, I was inspired by a visit to my parents’ house. Unsuspectingly, I drove through their middle-class neighborhood of Chatham observing the quiet, wide, tree-woven streets. When I arrived at their house, I waved to a man who had been their neighbor for at least... Read more »

Confessions of a Mad, Black, Sleepy Mommy Blogger

Confessions of a Mad, Black, Sleepy Mommy Blogger
(Disclaimer:  No, I’m not a mommy blogger.  I’m a blogger who just so happens to also be a mommy.  But I am Black, a little mad and very sleepy.) A few weeks ago I realized that my little blog has somehow accumulated almost 50,000 page views and I felt like I owed you an explanation... Read more »

The Looming Monster: Fear

(Once a month, ChicagoNow hosts a challenge to its bloggers to write about a subject for an hour.  This month’s challenge is on “Fear”) I write about fear a lot because like a distant cousin, it has been familiar to me all of my life.  I remember staying awake as a child when my father... Read more »

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy: There Is No Monopoly on Greatness

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy:  There Is No Monopoly on Greatness
I didn’t expect to return to my blog in this manner.  In fact, sometime after I finished editing the final chapter of my manuscript I planned on writing a blog about my year in review.  It was going to be entitled:  “A Garden, A Book, A Baby, and The Bible:  It’s Not a Blog, It’s... Read more »

Should the “Beyhive” Encourage Beyonce to Boycott All “Stand Your Ground” States, Too?

  Soon after the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Stevie Wonder announced at his most recent concert in Quebec City that he would not perform in the State of Florida until its controversial “Stand Your Ground” law was abolished.  Reminiscent of when Ray Charles boycotted Georgia for its’ segregation laws in the 1960s and the Artists... Read more »

Election 2012: There is only one question to consider...

Election 2012:  There is only one question to consider...
What strikes me most about the presidential election season of 2012 is how relatively civil it has been. Yes, there have been controversies over taxes, embassy bombings, Big Bird, the humane treatment of animals, and NPR.  Yet, all things being considered, with the exception of the man-fight that almost took place during the second presidential... Read more »

Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from my Cocker Spaniel

On Sunday morning I did something that I never thought that I would ever do. I gave my Cocker Spaniel to the Anti-Cruelty Society. Even writing it makes my heart hurt. You see, I’m what you would call a “dog person”.   Since my childhood, I’ve had lots of dogs – 1 German Shepherd, 3 mutts,... Read more »
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