Seven Things You Need To Know About Your Rights, Courtesy of Ferguson Missouri

Seven Things You Need To Know About Your Rights, Courtesy of Ferguson Missouri


1.)    Looting, not zombies, can lead to an American city becoming a police state.

2.)   Peaceful protests, not terrorism, can lead to a neighborhood being tear gassed at night.

3.)   A no-fly zone can be issued over a city to protect “law enforcement activities,” regardless of the questionable legality of those actions.

4.)   Every element of the first amendment (freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly and right to petition the government) can be suspended by local law enforcement.

5.)   You can be detained and held without cause, under said circumstances, if you believe the misinformation that your first amendment rights are still intact.

6.)   This can all be done, at least for four days, without an intervention from the federal government or a public response from a sitting President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Congressman, Michael Jackson’s ghost, Oprah, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Bono.

7.)   Major news outlets will still primarily report on the most recent viral cat video, hair weave thieves and the newest Banksy art installation in LA.


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