Is Mitt Romney Nuts? It’s an honest question…

Is Mitt Romney Nuts?   It’s an honest question…

Here’s the thing.  I started out (somewhat) liking Mitt Romney.  Not enough to vote for him but enough to think that the world wouldn’t come to a nuclear end if he was elected.  At first glance, I, like many others felt that he was smart enough and moderate enough (with just enough grey hair) to be electable.

That was in January, before the campaign season began.

The past few months have revealed a troublesome picture of Mitt Romney, the conservative candidate for Governor – turned moderate Governor – turned conservative candidate for President – turned moderate candidate for President.   Initially, I thought his clear deviation from his own recent political positions was to secure himself as candidate in the ever-evolving, increasingly-extremist, and painfully-homogeneous Republican Party.  Then I thought his clear apathy for the working class was to appeal to his wealthy donor base.  Now, as the ashes fall from Wednesday’s debate, I am becoming increasingly convinced that he may be crazy.

I was astonished and fascinated to read the multiple accounts of mistruths that came out of Romney’s mouth during the first presidential debate.   Numerous nonpartisan reports drew attention to his most egregious false claims surrounding his proposed tax cuts, their subsequent impact on the middle and lower class, the number of unemployed, and the impact of his health care proposal on those who have pre-existing conditions.   After reading factcheck after factcheck, I came to understand why President Obama looked so sheepish during that first debate – he was scared crapless to realize on stage, in front of millions of people, that the man standing across from him could be the real life manifestation of Patrick Bateman from an American Psycho (and American Psycho in Paris, respectively).

What troubled me most about Mitt Romney’s performance during the debate (and throughout the past few months) isn’t the fact that he lied but that he lied with conviction, without batting an eyelash, and in way that makes you 100% certain that he believed everything that he said.   With this revelation, I rushed to my nearest DSM IV (Diagnosable and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to see if my suspicion could be true…could poor Mitt Romney be diagnosable?

Here is a snippet of what I uncovered:

Symptoms of sociopathic behavior:

Glibness/superficial charm       (Check)

Manipulative and cunning       (If lies count as manipulation …check)

Grandiose sense of self       ($10,000 bet during a debate…check.)

Pathological lying        (Dammit…check!)

Lack of remorse, shame or guilt       (“47%?...Yeah, I said it”…check.)

Shallow emotions       (“The states can take care of their poor”…check.)

Need for stimulation       (No judgment…but he does have a dancing horse.)

Callousness/lack of empathy       (“I wish my parents were Latino”…check.)

Poor behavioral controls/impulsive nature       (Check…check…and check.)

And the list goes on and on…

I had to take a break from my discovery because of I was scared of what I may have uncovered!  Could it be that Willard’s flip-flopping and delusional policy positions are a symptom of a secret or undiagnosed mental disorder?  I would like to think so.

Otherwise, the only alternative is that he is a skillfully trained liar who thinks so little of his own political positions that he chose to create new ones out of thin air.

Factchecker reports:,0,3813713.story


[Picture courtesy of worldnews network]

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