President Obama and DNC2012: The Power of Values and a Good Posse

President Obama and DNC2012:  The Power of Values and a Good Posse

Confession #489,304,777:  At the start of the Democratic National Convention I was resigned to voting against the Republican Party rather than voting for Obama.

As someone who personally knows numerous college-educated people who have been unemployed for almost two years, ivy-league business school graduates who can’t get business loans, and people who still can’t get reprieve for their inflated home mortgages, the impact of the economy has hit very close to home.

I was tired of hearing about Obama’s “coolness” just like I was tired of hearing about George W. Bush being the "type of guy you could have a beer with”.

I was less interested in hearing the word “hope” than I was in hearing the word “freedom” eight years ago.

My expectations were low for the convention but honestly, I couldn’t NOT watch.

And I am so glad that I did…

Call it a success in Jedi mind control or just good ole’ fashioned campaigning but my confidence in our President has been rejuvenated.  There’s nothing like a woman who truly believes in her man to make you consider the things that lie in that man’s heart.  There’s nothing like a loyal lieutenant who will fight with someone to the death to assure you of a person’s integrity – even when no one is around to judge that person’s true motivations.  There's something about promoting unity over division.  There's something about trying to help the "least of those," even if it means a small sacrifice of the majority.

And there’s nothing like Bill Clinton explaining the minutia of public policy to the American people in a way that brought logic, emotions and basic “arithmetic” to bare that solidified in my mind that a vote for Barack Obama is not one to be cast in apathy but one vested in the right candidate for the times that we find ourselves in.  And though I don’t think anyone has a real solution to the economy (unless there is an odd incentive in keeping it top secret), I’d much rather vote for someone with my set of values to try to figure it out.

Regardless of whether you agree, make sure that you are registered to vote, be heard, and do your part on November 6th.

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