Scandal: Bringing intelligent drama back to television

Scandal:  Bringing intelligent drama back to television

(SPOILER ALERT:  This article contains details about previous episodes of “Scandal”)

Happy Friday!

I know that I’m supposed to write about something serious like race, the economy, or the boycott against the affront to human-kind known as VHI’s - “Basketball Wives”.  But it’s Friday, and Fridays are good for nothing serious, unless by serious you mean margaritas, dancing, and old Kung Fu movies.  Besides, there is only one thing on my mind this morning and that is… (drum roll, please).


Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, has done it again.  Let me be the first to apologize to Shonda, as I was very angry with her earlier this year for having a black child on Grey’s Anatomy with a permanent afro.  Shonda, if you continue to make television this good, you can come to my house and give me a dry Jheri-Curl yourself.  Sorry, I digress.

Where was I?  Awww, yes, I was talking about Scandal.

In case you have yet to tune in to this show, it is full of drama and dare I say, scandal, akin to the 1980s hit-show, Dynasty.  There’s a handsome POTUS who likes to tell pretty young girls that he’s loves them before he shags them.   There’s a devious chief-of-staff whose disdain and love for the President wavers from scene to scene.  Then there’s the star of the show, Olivia Pope, a high-power crisis manager played by Kerri Washington.  She is smart, cunning, manipulative, beautiful, and a do-gooder with a chip on her shoulder.  Olivia Pope’s personal characteristics culminate to create every man’s worse fear:  Beauty, Brains, Brawn, and Ball-busting all in one statuesque creature.

Then there’s Olivia’s team, comprising a trifecta of male eye candy.  They are the best band of misfits that I have seen on TV. in years.  Throw into the mix a First Lady who is supportive of her husband’s extramarital affairs, a Presidential intern who is pregnant, a D.C Madam, and a few dictators and you have the most exciting and intelligent show on television.

The main story line this season began with the discovery of an audio sex tape – presumably of the President and a previous intern in his office.  The intern, who is now pregnant, is being represented by Olivia Pope (who as a previous White House staff member who also had an affair with the President).  Did I mention that Olivia and the President have separately confessed their love for each other?   Did I also mention that the pregnant intern continues to have cryptic conversations with someone on the phone, claiming that she “can’t do this anymore?”  DID I ALSO MENTION (SPOILER ALERT) THAT LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE ENDED WITH THE INTERN BEING STUCK IN THE NECK WITH A NEEDLE AND BEING CARRIED OUT OF HER APARTMENT AT NIGHT?

Jesus be a fence!

As I considered the fact that this series was inspired by a real-life D.C. crisis manager Judy Smith, all I could do is shake my head and theorize about which politicians these stories were based upon.

Because I am a tad neurotic, last night’s episode also had me searching the web for spoilers.

Is the chief-of-staff behind it all because after years of witnessing the President’s philandering ways, he wants him out of the way so he can ascend to a higher office?

Or… is the chief-of-staff so threatened by Olivia’s relationship (and awesome sense of style and swag) that he has contrived this entire situation to have her represent the intern – only to be proven wrong and thus have her career ruined?

Is the wife behind it all?   Though she seems to be a highly- trained politician’s wife, perhaps she is tired of her playboy husband and wants to see him to fall from grace?  If he does, the fallout will be relatively small for her, while making the President, the mistress, and perhaps even Olivia look bad.

Or is an Al-Queda terrorist?  Perhaps those who hate us for our freedom are really seeking to expose our leader’s proclivity to choose sex, drugs, and rock and roll over doing what’s right?!?!

I don’t know… these are only my theories…

So I will be waiting with baited breath until next week’s episode to find out who kidnapped the intern and to see who Olivia Pope is going to take down next.

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