Derby Dozen 4

When asked to make a list following the Wood Memorial and the Santa Anita Derby, I found myself with a general feeling on the group: Meh.

I had to delete HEAR THE GHOST (injury) and MAC THE MAN (poor showing), and did keep on a few horses near the top and bottom of the list. But the horses that did qualify based on winning points races and took spots on the list below don't exactly lift my spirits.  Distance challenged. Slow. Soft fields. Perfect set-ups.

One fellow Wire Players panelist bravely submitted a list with ten blank entries, with nothing in spots three through twelve.  Here at "Picks and Ponderings", we have a list but it's more of a "who stinks the least" rather "who is the best".

Look closely at the comments. The less negative the comment, the more I feel that horse can rise to the top of a middling bunch in a month.

The Author is pleased to be a member of the "Derby Dozen" panel for WirePlayers.  Each member of the panel (unless protesting as given above) chooses twelve of the best Kentucky Derby Contenders.  In addition, there are comments from members of the panel.  The list is taken fairly seriously; the comments however are more snarky than serious.

(Note: As this list is published before the final list is published including all the panelists, a link to the final ballot will be provided once it is available.)

Update, April 11: Final WirePlayers list is here.

Without further ado, here's the Derby Dozen.

  1. REVOLUTIONARY         Moved forward off the Withers with a solid score in NOLA.
  1. ORB                He bested ITSMYLUCKY DAY on the square, but the Florida Derby was a predictable race with its mid pack passer-inheriter-crazy longshot ORB-ITSMYLUCKYDAY-MERIT MAN trifecta.

  1. BLACK ONYX        Beat nothing in the Spiral, but at least he hasn’t shown distance limitations (yet) like so many others.

  1. LINES OF BATTLE        Token Dubai-to-US horse that will be universally discarded due to shipping concerns.

  1. WILL TAKE CHARGE    Nice job of Lukas to give himself the ability to sandbag in a traditionally meaningless Blue Grass.

  1. VERAZZANO            #curseofthewood

  1. ITSMYLUCKYDAY        The next time you say it will not be in the Kentucky Derby.

  1. VYJACK            It’s been forty years since a Gotham winner won on the first Saturday in May.. Make it forty-one.

  1. GOVENOR CHARLIE     Beat nothing in the Sunland Park Derby.

  1. NORMANDY INVASION    A perfect horse to back if you like distance challenged garbage collectors.

  1. FEAR THE KITTEN         I know he was beaten like a drum in the Spiral, but I’ll give this one that has quite a favorable pedigree one last chance in the April 12 Blue Grass.

  1. CODE WEST            I know he was beaten like a drum in the Louisiana Derby. Fringe Derby contender that needs a rider who will take this plodder back to make one run.

Got any good contenders? Don't see your favorite?  State your case, drop a comment, and let me know.

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