Derby Dozen 1

More than any other horse race, the Kentucky Derby inspires conversation.  For the casual fan, the Derby provides a chance to see pomp, pageantry, and hats with their own zip code.  For the hardened handicapper, it is both challenge and quest to conquer the race's pitfalls.

The Author is pleased to be a member of the "Derby Dozen" panel for WirePlayers.  Each member of the panel chooses twelve of the best Kentucky Derby Contenders.  In addition, there are comments from members of the panel.  The list is taken fairly seriously; the comments however are more snarky than serious.

(Note: As this list is published before the final list is published including all the panelists, a link to the final ballot will be provided once it is available is here.)

Without further ado, here's The Author's Derby Dozen.

  1. REVOLUTIONARY         Answered the traffic question with aplomb in Queens. Now about the ninth and tenth furlongs...
  1. FEAR THE KITTEN         If Mike Maker can get a Tapit to win at a mile and a quarter, can he get an Illinois-bred(!) by Kitten’s Joy to win on dirt?
  1. VIOLENCE            I question what he faced on the Inglewood cushion more than the questions over the political correctness of his name.
  1. BROWN ALMIGHTY        Chill. Even Hard Spun threw in a clunker going a two-turn mile in Arkansas. And he didn’t do so bad in Louisville.
  1. ITSMYLUCKYDAY        You may have said it in January, you might be saying it in late March, but you likely won’t be saying it in May.
  1. OXBOW            Kind of wish Lukas would run this one in Arkansas and ship Will Take Charge out of town.
  1. MAC THE MAN         Good synthetic record in Erie and NoKY with a recent two-turn win, but the water gets deeper and dirtier from here.
  1. WILL TAKE CHARGE     I was high on a son of Take Charge Lady last Spring. Not quite slurping the Kool-Aid this time around.
  1. FLASHBACK            I cashed on a Tapit colt going ten furlongs. Once. In 2011.
  1. GOLDENCENTS         O’Neill had the golden touch last year, but no cents of mine are going on this one in the futures.
  1. VERAZZANO            How you see his single turn mile is relative to how far you see him going in Spring. That said, I think ten panels is a bridge too far.
  1. SHANGHAI BOBBY         Dist-ance Chall-enged. Clap, clap, clapclapclap.


Don't see your favorite?  State your case, drop a comment, and let me know.

Update, February 8: Included link to the final ballot.

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