Brett — Petraits Rescue

Brett — Petraits Rescue

Brett is a handsome and extremely active one to two-year-old, male black and white Tuxedo Gerbil looking for a loving guardian.

Brett came from a home where the children in the family lost interest in him. He just sat in a tiny cage and rarely had any attention. He was fed a mix of dog food, raw pasta and bird seed.

He is now living in a 20 gallon aquarium with a large wheel and hidey hut that he loves to climb on top off and run around while digging deep in his paper bedding. He enjoys a varied diet and even took a little cherry tomato to munch on.

The main diet of gerbils is pellets, supplemented with tiny amounts of fresh foods like broccoli, whole unsalted peanuts in the shell, tofu and tiny bites of carrots to name a few.

Because Brett hasn’t been handled much, he is super fast and hard to handle. He may enjoy the company of another male gerbil.

To meet and possibly adopt Brett, please fill out an adoption application at and e-mail to set up an appointment to meet him.

Brett’s adoption fee of $25 benefits rescued pets and includes his carrying case.

If you need a complete set-up for your new gerbil including a 20-gallon glass aquarium with metal screen lid, food, litter, treats, toys, water bottle, hidey huts, and exercise wheel, the whole set-up is available for $75.

Brett is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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