George and Ella — Petraits Rescue

George and Ella — Petraits Rescue

Ella and George are five-year-old bonded best friend cats looking for a loving guardian together.

Ella is a black and white tuxedo and George is an orange tabby. George is the bolder and braver of the two. They are wonderful companion cats who have been loved and beautifully cared for since kittenhood. Their human mom moved across the country with her daughter who is allergic, so the cats came to Friends of Petraits Rescue.

They have been in foster care for almost two months and are doing wonderfully; now it’s time for them to find their permanent home. Their foster mom reports, they were only shy for the first three days. They’ll come sit in their foster mom’s lap but for only a few moments and then they are off!

They eat well and use the litter box appropriately. They use their scratching post regularly and love to be be brushed. They even share the same food bowl, mostly canned.

They love people and each other. They enjoy playing, especially with wand toys and bat toys around the apartment. They also like to join you in bed.

They are healthy, spayed/neutered, up-to-date on rabies and distemper vaccines, microchipped, and virus-tested negative.

To meet and possibly adopt this great pair of cats, please contact for an adoption application. Their adoption fee as a pair of $250 benefits the Friends of Petraits Rescue and includes everything you need to care for them.

They are being fostered in downtown Chicago.

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