Four young, female mice — Petraits Rescue

Four young, female mice — Petraits Rescue

Shelby, Joy, Happy and Bessie are four young female mice looking for a loving guardian together.

These four were born on July 4th and at two months old enjoy each other’s company. Someone had an accidental litter and to prevent them from becoming snake food, a friend took them in. But, they didn’t really want to keep them themselves as pets so they are now up for adoption.

These girls are active, enjoy spinning on their wheel, are very handleable and lovable.

They’d love a home with people who will handle them daily, keep them well fed, and keep their cage clean.

If you’re interested in meeting and possibly adopting these mice, please contact

They are currently being fostered in Des Plaines, Illinois. Their adoption fee of $50 includes everything you need to care for them including food, cage, water bottle and litter.

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