Remy — Petraits Rescue

Remy — Petraits Rescue
Remy is an adorable eight-week-old, dwarf Chinese hamster looking for a loving guardian.
Purchased at a pet store on impulse, her young owner moved to an apartment where she couldn’t have pets.
Remy is very handleable and sweet. She will be a fun companion to hold and watch play. The main diet of hamsters is pellets, supplemented with tiny amounts of fresh foods like broccoli, whole unsalted peanuts in the shell, tofu and carrots to name a few. 
To meet and possibly adopt Remy, please contact Remy’s adoption fee of $20 benefits rescued pets and includes her carrying case.
If you need a complete set-up for your new hamster including a bin cage or 20-gallon aquarium, food, litter, water bottle, flying saucer, hidey castle, and exercise wheel, the whole set-up is available for $80.

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