Cosmo — Hyde Park Cats

Cosmo — Hyde Park Cats

Cosmo LOVES greenies treats and has no qualms hopping onto his fosterer’s lap in pursuit (but doesn’t want to linger once he figures out that the treats are gone!). And he’s also a fan of the wand toy and kick toys; he uses his scratching post lots, too. So he is an up and down scratcher! He loves windowsills. He’s very cute, black with startling green eyes. And he comes to sit primly and stare his fosterer down whenever she’s in the kitchen around mealtime. Cosmo has tested positive for FiV but can live a long and healthy life and can live safely with other cats so long as they are also spayed or neutered. To meet him, write to us at !


Hyde Park Cats is a local, all-volunteer group dedicated to helping stray and homeless cats in and around Chicago's Hyde Park. We received our 501(c)(3) status in 2014 and have had over 1,200 adoptions since our founding in 2008. See all our adoptable kitties on our webpage:

All of our cats are in loving foster homes, which means the cat you adopt will be familiar with the sounds, smells, and movements of life in a home and accustomed to living with humans. He or she has been interacting on a daily basis with people who know this particular cat intimately, and the foster mom or dad can tell you all about the cat's individual personality, habits, preferences. You can't judge a cat by its cover! And while we can't predict the future or know everything about a cat, we can help you choose the cat who is right for you. We have an adoption application and an adoption fee, $125 for the adoption of one cat, or $250 for a pair. This fee goes towards covering their vet costs. All cats adopted out by us are neutered/spayed, micro-chipped, tested for FIV/FeLV, and treated with Revolution.

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