Sweet Pea and Pappy — Petraits Rescue

Sweet Pea and Pappy — Petraits Rescue
Sweet Pea and Pappy are one-year-old active and talkative male Zebra Finches looking for a loving guardian.
Similar to parakeets, Zebra finches are originally from Australia and are the most popular domesticated finch species. In fact, these colorful birds have been kept as pets for over 100 years.
The Zebra Finch gets its name from the zebra-like stripes across its neck, chest, and especially from its black and white barred tail. Their sound is happy and squeaky, like tiny miniature car beeps.
Sweet Pea and Pappy’s guardian was moving to an apartment that did not welcome pets.
Their adoption fee of $100 including their cage, food, toys, perches and treats benefits the Friends of Petraits Rescue. Their cage is 26” long by 20” high by 15” wide.
They are currently being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. To meet and adopt Sweet Pea and Pappy, please contact friendsofpetraits@gmail.com.

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