Peanut Butter — Petraits Rescue

Peanut Butter — Petraits Rescue
Peanut Butter is a gorgeous three-year-old, peanut butter and chocolate-colored female abyssinian female guinea pig looking for loving guardian.
This little girl is very sweet and handleable. She was turned in to Friends of Petraits alone, so we’re not sure if she’ll get along with other guinea pigs yet. But, I think guinea pigs are happiest with other guinea pigs, even if they are in neighboring cages and have closely monitored play dates, so no one gets hurt.
Guinea pigs eat a diet of unlimited Timothy hay and (or Orchard hay - better if you have allergies), and fresh greens including romaine, red leaf and green leaf lettuces, cilantro, etc. And, since guinea pigs can’t manufacture their own vitamin C, they need to get their vitamin C from pellets, treats or fresh veggies.
Please read up on guinea pig care and diet before adopting by visiting this excellent web site
Peanut Butter needs a loving family who will handle her daily, keep her well fed, and keep her habitat nice and clean.
If you’re interested in meeting and possibly adopting Peanut Butter, please contact
She is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.
Her adoption fee of $30 benefits the Friends of Petraits Rescue.
For an additional $50, we’ll include a starter kit of everything you need to care for her including a small 18” x 28” cage, hay, litter, food, hidey hut and water bottle.

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