Rhea and Rava — Petraits Rescue

Rhea and Rava — Petraits Rescue
Rhea and Rava are friendly, but wiggly, six-month old sister Dumbo Rats looking for a loving guardian.
These girls are handleable, love to snuggle with each other, and try new foods.
They eat rat blocks as their main diet, but enjoy bites of orange, tomatoes and other healthy treats.
They love to run around while supervised and typically run back to the cage to go the bathroom. They are gentle and have never bitten anyone, but they are wiggly at times.
They do like to run around, dig and chew so they need to be watched when let out of their cage.
Due to current social distancing during the pandemic, we are conducting adoptions by handling adoption donations electronically, and leaving pets to be picked up upon appointment.
Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no opportunity to meet and greet pets prior to adoption.
The two girls, their cage and supplies are available for an adoption donation of $75 to the Friends of Petraits Rescue. If you only want the rats and not their supplies, they are available for an adoption fee of $35.
They are currently being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. To adopt Rhea and Rava, please contact friendsofpetraits@gmail.com.

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