Matti and Tzuki — Petraits Rescue

Matti and Tzuki — Petraits Rescue
Matti and Tzuki are magnificent and extremely affectionate nine-year-old bonded felines looking for a loving guardian.
Mattie is a nine-pound black Maine Coon-mix who purrs, kisses and head butts. Tzuki is 14-pound Calico who is her very best friend.
They both rub lovingly against you, sleep together, snuggle and groom each other.
These indoor only felines just lost their 60-year-old mom to acute Leukemia and are looking for a foster and hopefully permanent home.
They are very healthy, spayed, up-to-date on vaccines and have all her claws but are not destructive; and they have perfect litter box use.
To meet and possibly foster/adopt Matti and Tzuki, please contact for a foster/adoption application.
Their adoption fee of $100 benefits the Friends of Petraits Rescue.
They are currently in Chicago, Illinois.

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