Ducky — Petraits Rescue

Ducky — Petraits Rescue
Ducky is a very sweet and active, eight-month-old male black Lionhead rabbit looking for a loving guardian.
This boy loves to run and play, and is quite wiggly so he is not easy for children to handle.  
Ducky eats a healthy diet of timothy hay, rabbit pellets, and greens (Romaine, red and green-leaf lettuce, cilantro and a little bit of parsley, kale and carrots.
He lives in a pen, but loves to come out and run around the house. He uses a litter box in his pen, but he does tend to poop a little bit outside the box, but it’s very small and easy to pick up.
If you’d like to read up on rabbits and their care, please check out:
Ducky is healthy and scheduled to be neutered on September 9th.
To meet and possibly adopt wonderful Ducky, please contact for an adoption application.
His adoption fee of $100 benefits the rescued pets of Friends of Petraits Rescue. If you’d like his entire set-up of exercise pen, carrying case, water and food bowls, litter box, pellets, hay and litter, that is available for an additional $100.
He is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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