Smores — Petraits Rescue

Smores — Petraits Rescue
Smores is a very sweet and active, one-year-old, male tri-color Abyssinian guinea pig looking for loving guardian.
This boy is currently living all alone in a cage after being relinquished to rescue.
Smores is fun, easy to handle and likes to sit on top of his hidey hut instead of hiding inside!
He enjoys having his cage next to other guinea pigs so he can talk to them through the bars, but he hasn’t bonded with another pig yet, but he might if given the right opportunity.
Guinea pigs eat a diet of unlimited Timothy hay, limited pellets, and fresh vegetables including romaine, red leaf and green leaf lettuces, cilantro, etc.
Please read up on guinea pig care and diet before adopting by visiting this excellent web site
He would love a home with people who will handle him daily, keep him well fed, and keep his habitat nice and clean.
If you’re interested in meeting and possibly adopting Smores, please contact

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