Sasha Tracey — Hyde Park Cats

Sasha Tracey — Hyde Park Cats

Adoptable kitty Sasha Tracey is a little bundle of love without an aggressive bone in her tiny little body. Even a visit to the vet couldn’t get rid of her sweet nature.

Coming in at under 7lbs, what Sasha lacks in weight she makes up for in cuddles. Nothing makes her purr louder than snuggling up on the couch or in bed for the evening. She is always ready for scratches of all kinds — face, chin, butt, whatever you’re willing to dish out.

She’s clever and curious, and is quite the jumping acrobat when it it comes to chasing after her feathered cat toy. Yet despite being no more than a year old, she’ll to nap the day away if you let her.

Sasha coexists peacefully with the resident dog, and isn’t skittish around young children.

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