Rescue Dog Discovers Couches, Promptly Loses Mind

Rescue Dog Discovers Couches, Promptly Loses Mind
Merkle is loving learning about the comforts of home. Now all he needs is an adopter...

I am about to destroy your perfectly good work ethic and I don't even care. Behold Merkle, meeting his first comfy couch.

Named after the fine Chicago establishment that helped Wish Upon a Rescue with its first fundraiser, Merkle has made it official. After months of seemingly endless meetings, oodles of money spent, legal hoops jumped through and a mountain of paperwork, Wish Upon a Rescue is...RESCUING!

Yeah. That guy above that has you cracking up? He can be yours. Here's more on him...

Want to meet him in person? Come out to Natural Pet Market in Wheaton (Rice Lake Square) this Saturday, August 19, 11-3. They are having a massive sale in honor of their 15th anniversary AND helping raise funds for Wish Upon a Rescue so they can keep pulling homeless animals to safety.

Not only that, but there will be a fun craft fair going on. A TON of really cool items for cats and dogs, all made by WISH volunteers.  They will have cat toys... Rope toys...rope-toys Their first rescued CAT, Nala! nala Bookmarks...bookmarks Catnip toys...catnip-toys

And a whole selection of cards made by yours truly (entire purchase price goes right to Wish!)how-beautiful-pey-sample

PLUS they will have a selection of Sniff-It aromatherapy diffusers for dogs AND cats

AND A Sound Beginning book + CD sets for sale (GREAT resource for new dog adopters).

So come on out and join us and be sure to say hi!  To learn more about the event, check out this page. (The pet food sales are posted there, too, so lots of great reasons to come out. Stock up!)

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