Looking for a Great Dog? You Will Love Jupiter to the Moon and Back!

Looking for a Great Dog? You Will Love Jupiter to the Moon and Back!
Jupiter is available for adoption through Animal Heartline Humane.

Looking to adopt a smart, well-trained gorgeous dog? Then Jupiter definitely needs to be on your short list. With rousing endorsements by my most respected connectons in the rescue community, Jupe is a real head-turner who appears to have some Catahoula hound in his mix. About 3 years old, he's got maturity to go along with his engaging spirit, being both house-trained and having great manners in the house.

And smart? Oh yeah. He's been working with a trainer who gives him high marks. He comes knowing all the basics... sit, down, shake, wait and leave it AND he can retrieve a ton of toys by name. He's super attentive and LOVES to learn.


This handsome gent's past is a mystery. All we know is that he was hanging  around a school yard for a few weeks where some kids thought it was fun to throw rocks at him. The good news is, some loving adults were ultimately able to get him to safety.

Jupe's biggest flaw seems to be that he's been suffering from a case of bad timing, pure and simple.  By all accounts, he should be happily hanging out in a home of his own by now.

The short story is, the rescue who originally took him in was in its final weeks, and he was got caught in the shuffle. He didn't get adopted before they had to close their doors so he leap-frogged over Animal Heartline Humane, who has him now. It was winter then, when adoptions can be sluggish. Since Jupe is in a foster home, as opposed to an adoption space, he just hasn't gotten as many eyeballs on him.

Sure, there is social media, but he never had glamour shots done like a lot of other dogs up for adoption so he simply doesn't get noticed like he should. It's not his fault. He's doing everything in his power to be awesome!

But YOU can see it in his face, yeah? That sweet, intelligent dog who is just waiting for his big break? Sure you can. So, even if you aren't looking for a pup yourself, giving Jupiter a share so he can get found by his new BFF would be a great thing to do.

Please email animalheartline@hotmail.com or go to animalheartline.org to fill out the required application. They are a small group of caring volunteers and home checks are a requirement of adoption, so they ask that you live within 50 miles of Lombard, IL. For Jupe, just because of the who gang of kids throwing rocks thing, they are thinking that Jupe *might* be most comfortable in a home without kids.

Thank you for helping spread the word!

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