The Power of 3: Rescues Team Up in a Tri-pawed Trifecta!

The Power of 3: Rescues Team Up in a Tri-pawed Trifecta!
Yogi, Rick Allen and Audrey. Can you take the cuteness? No, you cannot. No one can. Photo: Lindsay Chan

I find myself wondering if I should even write a post below this stunning photo by Lindsay Chan because that means you have to take your eyes off it. I mean, seeeeriously, that is one ridiculously good looking bunch of pups.

But I WILL! I WILL write (it is so hard to swoon and type at the same time) because, in a time when so much bad is swirling around our newsfeeds every day, we need reminders of how ordinary people all around us are doing the most extraordinary things to make life better in their corner of the world. I see this happen in rescue all the time...everyday folks pouring themselves into work that fills their hearts with love and a sense of purpose, even when faced with situations that can be pretty tough to take.

What is better than a rescue stepping in to help animals in need? How about THREE rescues joining forces?



Three is a magic number...yes it is...(sing it if you know it).  So many strange and wonderful things come in threes...Muskeeters, Stooges, Christmas ghosts, coins in a fountain, little mitten-less kittens, blind mice, little pigs and now...three-legged dogs.

Channeling the awesome Power of 3, our ambassadors Yogi, Rick Allen and Audrey are asking you to give special needs pets a closer look.

It is not unusual for 'scratch and dent specials' and animals with special needs such as hearing and visual impairments to take a while to find homes, often passed up by those looking for more perfect models. For animals who enter rescue with pressing medical needs, such as a need for surgery as these pups have had, limited resources can be stretched to the brink while rescue volunteers and their supporters cover both the veterinary costs as well as the care of the adoptable pet until a home is found.

And yet, that is just what so many caring people are willing to do.

Photo: Lindsay Chan

Photo: Lindsay Chan

Many rescues, knowing that even dogs with special needs can live full, rich lives and be wonderful companions, are willing to go this extra mile. They know these guys tend to be among those at particular risk for euthanasia in municipal shelters who are also tasked with figuring out the best way to use their limited resources. Resource allocation in shelters is a true dilemma but what a shame when these special critters have such capacity to blossom in loving homes! To help, rescue organizations 'pull' these animals into their care, placing them in foster homes and making the commitment to find them loving adoptive homes.

Do special needs pups need special homes?

Maybe, but it depends on the need, and your home may already BE that special place. The important thing is to ask questions. Every dog is an individual (and EVERY pet will need some kind of help as it ages). Of course it is true that some special needs dogs will require extra help and accommodations, and some will need more veterinary care that a routine annual check up but, having lived with a blind dog and knowing several dogs with various special needs, I can tell you they can be marvelous teachers, loving companions and wonderful reminders to 'Seize the Day' and enjoy life. You don't generally see pups moping and obsessing about the future. They can teach us a lot about how to take things in stride.

And speaking of stride...let's get you introduced to the members of our tri-pawed trifecta! Together as three separate entities, Animal Heartline Humane, Chi-Town Pitties, Inc, and K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc., have come together as one to highlight these three amazing dogs who are proving they are more than capable of living enriched, quality lives with their families. Perhaps you are looking at your next new family member!

Not looking to adopt? No problem! You can still help these rescues provide for their care by checking out their awesome fundraiser.

Meet the 3…

Animal Heartline Humane introduces Yogi:

Yogi is adoptable through Animal Heartline Humane. photo: Lindsay Chan

Yogi is adoptable through Animal Heartline Humane.
photo: Lindsay Chan

"Yogi may only have 3 legs but it certainly does not slow him down. Yogi can outrun all the dogs he has met. He also enjoys walks but true to his breed he is always up for a snuggle too. He is great in the car, is housetrained and loves all people and animals. His foster home has 4 other dogs, male and female, of various sizes, ages, and personalities and had a kitten for a time, too. Yogi is just such a sweet boy and truly does not have a mean bone in his body. He will need some training, as all pups do, but he loves to please and we trust he will excel at obedience. Dogs with three legs lead normal, happy lives and can do just about anything a 4 legged dog can do. Yogi is a happy, well-adjusted, loving, sweet-natured boy that we can't wait to see get his happy ending. He is about 9 months old and about 55 pounds. Yogi came to use from a local animal control and was surrendered because his family could not care for him. He had two breaks in his front leg when we got him. The breaks were months old and unfortunately the growth plate had closed . Due to his age that meant that leg would be shorter than the other 3. He was also experiencing pain so the choice was made to amputate . Since he has recovered from surgery he is much happier, active and has no pain. Questions about Yogi can be sent to Animal Heartline Humane ( The required adoption application is found at Home checks are also requirement of adoption, so we ask that you live within 50 miles of his foster home, which is in Aurora, IL. Thank you for considering adopting a pet!"

Chi-Town Pitties, Inc. introduces Rick Allen: 

Rick Allen is adoptable from Chi-Town Pitties, Inc. photo: Lindsay Chan

Rick Allen is adoptable from Chi-Town Pitties, Inc.
photo: Lindsay Chan

"Rick Allen is a rock star! He will pour some sugar on you and drum his way into your heart, no Foolin' (see what I did there?) Rick Allen is all puppy, all the time. He was surrendered to animal control with a broken leg that had to be amputated. His tri-pod status isn't slowing him down at all. He loves to go on walks, and needs someone dedicated to working with him to get the hang of it. He loves his fans and despite his rough beginning, he loves people. He's dog friendly and cat friendly. Rick Allen is a typical puppy (about 4 months old) with his over-excitement, chewing, mouthing and playfulness. (this is why puppies are so cute - it's balance). He has a history of food guarding in certain situations so we don't recommend a family with small children. He is a big fan of Nylabones and puzzle balls. He likes to cuddle and he's a wiggle butt that will snort and snore his way into your heart! He's crate trained and working on house training and basic manners so he'll need a family that is patient enough to help him grow into the best dog he can be!" Here is his adoption application.

K9 Enrichment Initiative introduces Audrey:

Audrey is in the care of K9 Initiative working on her bucket list. photo: Lindsay Chan

Audrey is in the care of K9 Initiative working on her bucket list.
photo: Lindsay Chan

"Audrey was surrendered to Chicago Animal Care and Control two months after her owner had gone to prison. She was malnourished and had a sizable lump on her left hind leg. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. took custody of her the very next day after her intake into the shelter. “She came right out of her kennel, walked around the pavilion, ignoring all the barking dogs and wiggled and wagged her way into our hearts within minutes. Audrey has a beautiful smile”, says Executive Director of K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc., Cynthia Lynn Guzman. “We were told the vets at the shelter aspirated the lump and sent samples out to the lab. We had to be prepared for the worst. We didn’t think twice about it as we knew she deserved the best care we could provide and whatever the outcome, we would ensure she felt loved, cared for and be part of a family.” Audrey lost her leg to amputation due to the lump spreading downward on her leg after treatments for bone infection. The biopsy of the removed leg brought our teams worst fears to light, our bright angel has Hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that makes its way through the blood vessels. You would never know it by watching her run, play tug or leap into your lap. Audrey loves life and everyone she encounters. The time spent with her rescuers, family and friends will be treasured beyond measurement. The heartache when she is gone will be painful, but not knowing Audrey would have left us untouched by an angel." You can meet Audrey and several of K9EI's adoptables at Audrey's Birthday Bash this coming Saturday.

power-of-3Want to help support the good work of the rescues who have volunteered to help these pups? Check out their campaign on teespring.

And if you have fallen in love with Lindsay Chan's photos, do check out her website. She does great human portraits, too!
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