BarkBox vs. PupJoy in Battle of the Boxes (Like if Battles Were Really Sweet and Made You Happy)

BarkBox vs. PupJoy in Battle of the Boxes (Like if Battles Were Really Sweet and Made You Happy)

Did you see the recent post on my switch to PupJoy? Well, BarkBox did and look at how they responded...

I have some thinking to do on this situation since I DO like both companies very much.

And as Mary MacGregor once sang, I have to ask myself...IS loving both of them breaking all the rules?

I dunno BUT I do know a LOT of dogs and some mighty fine rescues so there is no shortage of places for me to spread puppy love. However, pet sitters have to manage their pennies so I can't do two full subscriptions, I know that for sure.

What to do what to do...

PupJoy has the edge as a local company and they are so proactive it is ridiculous. As you saw in the last post, not only did they spontaneously make a 'pet sitting' box for me with a range of toys (since I pet sit dogs from 4# to 80# currently, puppies to seniors) BUT when they saw that I was going to donate 100% of any affiliate fees I make to rescue they decided to DOUBLE them so that rescues get even more.


PupJoy also made a coupon code just for me so that any order you make gets you $10 off of a box.  Yeah. I'm a coupon code. How fun is that?  Order from PupJoy and enter the code LauraYoung and you will get $10 off your order AND you will be helping raise ADDITIONAL money for rescues which I will report on here as I dole things out so you can see exactly who we are helping together and why.

But BarkBox is so stinkin' cute, what with their hand written notes and all.  I love their themes and the general joyfulness they spread around.  I don't even mind the occasional shredded toy because dogs love doing that (as long as they are monitored and safe in the process). And now they have this Super Chewer thing going.

And we have this funny psychic the time I had a toothache and they sent a toothbrush toy in the box that arrived just then (which was the FAVORITE toy of the dog I was sitting, who, incidentally tends NOT to play with toys).

kdAnd today this box had a very Hello Kitty looking toy (which always makes me think of my youngest sister who lives far and never get to see but always makes me laugh) and a 'Ninja Star'.  Fun fact, I used to go the Ninja Festival put on by Stephen Hayes back in the day.

So, you know...I don't think you can go wrong either way with both companies raising the bar for each other and both being so clearly invested in finding good quality offerings for your pups.

What will I personally do? Not sure yet, but I'm sure there will be a creative solution and whatever it is, there will surely be some happy dogs on the receiving end of it. Either way, I'll keep you posted on the fun finds I receive that the dogs seem to love the most (durable only matters if the dogs actually use the toys to begin with) since I know pet folks are always looking for tips on the toys that stand the test of time.

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