Adoptable Pork Chop is All Ham, a Very, Very Handsome Ham

Adoptable Pork Chop is All Ham, a Very, Very Handsome Ham
Pork Chop is the handsome hunk of ebony on the right. photo: Allison Hart

Pork Chop landed on my radar screen because he is currently the foster brother of my blog avatar "Captain Kevin". I know Kevin well and when I saw on Facebook that he had a new, if temporary, playmate, I had to learn more. What I learned cracked me up. This guy sounds like a gem and he's with a rescue that I hold in very high esteem (Animal Heartline Humane). Let me introduce you to Hunkie O'Snuggleson.

Pork Chop is a gentle giant who loves people and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Pork Chop is a gentle giant who loves people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. photo: Allison Hart

Gentle giant, Pork Chop, got his name because he is a big 75 pound ham who loves everyone, big and small. He was a stray when he entered a local animal shelter and did find a home but it just didn't work out due to a case of good adopter intentions mixed with bad timing and a very stressed out new mom.

The family that adopted him from the shelter had actually moved to a new residence the day before he was adopted. Add to that a new mom with a 6 month old, another dog in the house, and no fence in the yard. Note to those reading: If you have that much going on in your life all at once...maybe ixnay on the doptionay until life is just a wee bit more settled. I mean, adopters are AWESOME, don't get me wrong, but you have to be ready to bring a new dog into your life.  I think this family jumped the gun here.

Pork Chop, who was actually used at the shelter as a 'temperament test dog' to see if other dogs in the shelter were friendly because he is so genial, stayed true to form in his new home. He was fantastic with the other dog and loved the baby. The only two things going against him were:  1) one adult handling all the baby and dog care in the brand new home since the other adult had a very busy work schedule and 2) baby toys and dog chew toys...who can really tell the difference when you are just a 1 1/2 year old pup? The mom realized she was terribly overextended and wanted to bring him back to the shelter. Jen Monaco, who heads up Animal Heartline Humane, took him into her rescue so that he could at least stay in a home environment rather than returning to a kennel cage.

We already know how he is with dogs, but Jen, who also knew him at the shelter, shared this tidbit on cats:

I took him in the cat room once and a kitten hissed at him and he hit the floor and belly crawled out .

She's not telling you about the whole 'cat thing', is she?

She's not telling you about the whole 'kitten thing', is she? photo: Allison Hart

Jen added that she understood where the previous owner was coming from.

For a new mom with all that stress on her, I think anything more than a stuffed dog would have been too much. But Pork Chop was so great with the baby, it's a shame it didn't work out. He would make an outstanding family dog.

He's been with his foster mom, Jo Ann, for two months now. Here is what she has to say...

Kevin and Pork Chop love to play!

Kevin and Pork Chop love to play! photo: Jo Ann Snyder (his foster mom)

He really is a good boy with a big heart! He plays well with Kevin and follows him everywhere. He knows basic commands,  and will benefit from continued training since he is still young and learning. He's very loyal and loves to snuggle  (be prepared for a 75# lap dog!). He's a big puppy still who loves belly rubs, treats and boy does he like to play and run around! I would recommend someone to have a fenced yard so he can get his exercise! And he loves his chew toys, like a good puppy should!

Hellllloooo, Ladies...

Hellllloooo, Ladies...

So, does this sound like you? Dog lover with a stash of toys, treats, a bunch of love to share, a yard to play in and a willingness to continue teaching this young fellow the ropes so he can continue to blossom into the most excellent dog he can be? If you are interested in this boy, please go to and fill out the required application. Have questions about Pork Chop, call Jen at 630-205-1701 or email

Animal Heartline is small group of caring volunteers and a home visit is a requirement of adoption, therefore local adoptions only please (within 50 miles of Naperville /Chicago).

And if you can't adopt, please remember, sharing is caring.

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