Dog Foster Mom Is In a Stew, Let's Help Her Find a Home for Roux!

Dog Foster Mom Is In a Stew, Let's Help Her Find a Home for Roux!
photo credit: Heejin Kim

Super sweet and smart, little love bug Roux has an awesome guardian angel. Her foster mom, Carla, on the other hand, seems to have a guardian angel that likes to take long smoke breaks because she cannot seem to catch a break. Well, okay, she did...three of them, in her left arm. She is casted up to the shoulder and that makes a lot of things really difficult to manage, taking care of a foster dog being just one of them.

Let me give you the tale from the top and if you can help share the heck out of their story so we can get Roux settled in a new home, that would be very, very appreciated. I think it will even come with an extra helping of good karma, and who could not use some of that?

One year ago,  little Miss Roux was sitting all by herself in a backyard, neglected, malnourished, nearly bald, and basically having the Worst Puppyhood Ever when Carla found out about her quite by accident. Long involved in rescue, she had been surfing pics of rescue dogs online, when the sweet face of a senior got her heart all melty. She contacted the rescue who posted the picture to see if they needed a foster for him. Turns out they had already located one but could we interest you in a nice ball of...okay, well, she doesn't exactly have fur right now but...

Let's just say it was a happy day for Roux when Carla agreed to take her in.

Let's just say it was a happy day for Roux when Carla agreed to take her in.

Well, seriously, are you going to look at that face and say, I'm sorry, tiny puppy but you just aren't fluffy enough to me to love you? Of course not!

So, Carla agreed to foster her (insert sound of Roux's guardian angel high-fiving all the other angels and then launching into a smoking harp solo here) and set to work on this makeover...

Roux began to thrive immediately under her foster mom's care.

Roux began to thrive immediately under her foster mom's care.

But...funny story...the rescue ended up leaving Carla pretty much on her own. For about seven months there was basically no promotion, no adoption events, just nothing. Meanwhile, Roux was revealing herself to be an awesome dog. Super eager to learn, very affectionate, basically love in a dog suit.

'Sup? Yeah, I'm just chilling with my foster mom.

'Sup? Yeah, I'm just chilling with my foster mom.

Seeing the writing on the wall that the rescue organization was probably not long for this world, Carla decided to jump into a life raft with Roux, telling them that she and Roux were going off in search of a rescue that would actually do something to help them. The rescue told her to go for it and, incredibly, let her take Roux. (Roux's guardian angel shrugs off the dumbfounded stares of the other angels questioning her unorthodox maneuvers, carefully pulling the sleeve of her angelic robe over the new "Pitties Rock" tat on her wrist.)

Our intrepid Carla, with Roux in tow, set off to find that other rescue, ultimately finding safe haven with Second City Canine Rescue. The rescue, whose tagline is "Rescuing Responsibly" hesitated because they did did not have an open home to take Roux in but agreed that if Carla would stay on as foster, they could make this work as a package deal. (Roux's guardian angel feels a strange weight on the train of her robe and turns around to see Carla's guardian angel hitching a ride, her robe dripping a bit from when she jumped in the water to swim after Carla's life raft.)

Roux has continued to thrive in the five months since SCCR took them in. She is attending A Sound Beginning training classes which she loooooves. She is super smart, treat motivated and loves learning. But don't take my word for it. Look at this girl show off what she knows...

While Roux has been busy learning to be awesome, her foster mom and the good folks at Second City Canine Rescue have gotten some interest in her, but nothing that stuck. (Sometimes that happens in rescue. People say they are interested and then they just don't follow through.) That isn't unusual and wouldn't normally be a problem except for that whole Snap Crackle Pop arm being broken in three places thing. (Guardian angels all turn to stare at Carla's angel, who hastily tosses her cigarette butt into the bushes and starts whistling a jaunty tune.)

Here's where things stand now...

Second City Canine Rescue does not have an available foster home who can take over for Carla. Roux, who can be a little shy at first but who loves getting attention from nice people, can be a little hit or miss with other dogs. That means boarding her would be stressful and not in her best interest. She did live with Carla's other dog for many months until her dog decided to go all Cranky Pants and, between that and her arm, Carla's had to ship her own dog to her mom's house where it will stay until Roux can find a new place to live.

What's say we pitch in to get something going for these two?

How you can help...

Are you the person who would like to give Roux a home of her own? Then hasten thee to Second City Canine Rescue and see about meeting her. (Adoption application is here.)

Or, if you aren't her able to adopt her but feel for her situation, will you root for Roux and share this post, even if you aren't sure you know anyone who is looking for a pet? Hey, maybe the niece of your old high school friend is looking for a wigglebutt mutt and it just could be YOUR share that hooks her up. Social media is vast and mysterious like that.

Here is Roux in a nutshell...

Such a good girl. Roux is adoptable through Second City Canine Rescue. photo credit: Heejin Kim

Such a good girl. Roux is adoptable through Second City Canine Rescue.
photo credit: Heejin Kim

She's just over 1 1/2 years old, and weighs about 45 pounds. She knows all her basic commands as you have seen and this treat motivated girl absolutely loves clicker training. She is house broken and crate trained, used to being alone during the work day. She has medium energy unless SQUIRREL! so keep a handle on her leash when near large oak trees. She walks well on a harness otherwise.

She is indifferent to little kids and probably would prefer that any kids in the home be older. She has medium energy. Let's say no cats. Other dogs? She may do better as an only dog but then again it depends on the dog and how experienced the dog owner is and how introductions are done. Feel free to ask about that if you like everything else you are seeing here.

As you can see, her fur grew back nicely and she's got a clean bill of health. Spayed. No known allergies.

Have questions about Roux, the adoption process or how you can go about meeting her? Please contact Second City Canine Rescue and they can fill you in.

Thanks for helping out this dog foster mom and rooting for Roux !

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