Featured Rescue Dog LUCY: She Loves Her Veterinarian But...

Featured Rescue Dog LUCY: She Loves Her Veterinarian But...
Lucy, currently living at Deer Run Animal Hospital, is a smart, playful girl in need of a foster or adoptive home.

A dog in love with their veterinarian? Absolutely! And she's got a groovy kind of love for rest of the staff at Deer Run Animal Hospital in Northwest Indiana, too. She ought to, she's been living with them for six months now! But let's be honest, life in a veterinarian's office isn't exactly most pup's idea of high living. Can you help Team Lucy get this rescue dog into a home?

After all, she's been in the shelter and rescue system for sixteen months now. It's time for her ship to come in, don't you think?

Here's Lucy's journey so far and what she is looking for in a home. (Foster or adoptive homes will both be considered!) I'm giving you a complete view here so everyone can get as many questions answered about her as possible in advance:

Lucy entered Aurora Animal Care & Control (in Illinois), back in April 2015. Just 1 y.o. at the time, Lucy was dumped by her family who stated they simply "didn't want her any more." She was absolutely terrified at AACC and basically cowered in a corner for a full week until volunteers there were able to help her come out of her shell. However, with no adoption or rescue placements materializing for her after several weeks there, Lucy was placed on the euthanasia list in July 2015.

As I discussed in my last article, the transfer team and rescue organizations following AACC mobilized quickly to pull Lucy to safety. Lucky Mutts Animal Rescue in Valparaiso, IN, took Lucy into their care, but unfortunately she quickly lost her foster home placement due to breed restrictions retroactively put into effect in the foster's housing complex. With no other option available, Lucy was placed in a boarding facility where she languished, essentially unseen by the public.

Lucy did receive some training attention while there but, recall that terrified Lucy had moved from a family to three different places, with a myriad of handlers. It is not hard to imagine that stress and fear were taking their toll on her.

Some fearful, insecure dogs cower and pee on themselves and shake like aspen leaves. Others get growly and snarly (the best defense is a good offense kind of approach). Lucy falls into the latter category.

And that fearful reaction started a downward spiral for her since it cut down on the time staff at the boarding facility wanted to spend with her. So now we have a puppy really, just past a year old, scared, abandoned and...increasingly ignored.

Weeks go by...tick tock tick tock...fast forward to meeting potential adopters...

IMPORTANT TIP: When meeting a fearful dog, it does not matter if you are St. Francis...DON'T RUSH IN TO PET THEM! Don't crowd them. Don't try to stare lovingly into their eyes. Don't reach out to pet them on top of their head.

There is a great poster on the proper way to greet a dog here.

Let's just say, a well-intended but poorly executed attempt by her last potential adopter to make friends with Lucy didn't work out.

Lucky Mutts, a brand spankin' new rescue at the time, realized then that Lucy was declining in their care and a trainer from Deer Run who had been asked to help with Lucy arranged with Dr. Fiia Jokela (whom you have met here before) to house her at Deer Run so she could get the care and training attention she needed.

Deer Run now has custody of Lucy but they aren't a rescue. They are not set up with foster homes. They don't host adoption events. They have been a much needed port in the storm for a dog that desperately needed a place to stay but six months later she's still stuck in port.

Okay, here is what you need to know about the kind of home Lucy is looking for (and if you are a foster with a licensed rescue, or would like to be one, by all means, we'd love the help!) Lucy has been spayed, microchipped, is current on shots, has been fully vetted and is in good health.

Lucy needs:

  • Lots of squeaky toys (Lucy asked that I put this first. BTW, she's a squeaker, not a shredder.)
  • A foster or adopter committed to keeping up with her training (she is smart, and an eager, fast learner who loves to play).
  • Cuddling opportunities
  • Understanding. Fosters or adopters who will help her feel comfortable meeting new people and encountering new situations.
  • Other dogs may be just fine if they don't mind an exuberant goofball.
  • Because kids can be noisy and unpredictable, we are recommending that she go to a kid-free home. She's had so much bouncing around, we just want to see her in a nice stable, calm situation
  • Probably no cats
  • Someone who appreciates her winning smile

IMG_7437 (2)

Last point: Dr. Jokela, who works with behavioral issues, did place Lucy on medications to help decrease her anxiety and they have helped significantly. (In fact, I'm pet sitting a dog who is on similar meds as I type this and I've shared with you what a huge game changer the meds have been for her. Lucy may or may not need them long term but until she's actually in a permanent home and can have a normal, stable life, no one can say for sure.)
Interested in Lucy or have questions? Call Deer Run Animal Hospital's client services at 219-864-7180 to schedule time to come and visit Lucy or to schedule a time to speak to Dr. Jokela.   Ideally it is best to ask to speak to Liz , Lucy's onsite trainer.  Liz is in charge of scheduling all of Dr. Jokela's behavior services.  Liz can also be reached at drahtraining@gmail.com
Deer Run is open 8-6 on weekdays and 8-1 on Saturday,  closed on Sundays.
Deer Run is located at 308 E. US Highway 30, Schererville, IN 46375
THANK YOU for all you can do to help spread the word for this girl.

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