Safe Humane Chicago Seeks Urgent Placement for Court Case Dog as Chicago Animal Control Nears Capacity

Safe Humane Chicago Seeks Urgent Placement for Court Case Dog as Chicago Animal Control Nears Capacity
Chloe readily accepts affection despite rough start in life.

Seriously, look at that sweet face. If you have ever considered getting involved with the good people at Safe Humane Chicago to help save the life of a Court Case Dog, Chloe would love it if you decided that now is the time.

Chloe was recently discovered by Chicago Police Lt. John Garrido, tied to a fence in a vacant lot on the west side of Chicago with numerous bite marks all over her emaciated body. She had been left there with no food, no water, no shelter to keep warm. She also appears to have recently had puppies.

A case report was able to be generated for animal abuse, allowing Chloe to be eligible for the Court Case Dog program via Safe Humane Chicago, pending a behavior assessment. Prior to the founding of the Safe Humane Chicago program, under the leadership of Cynthia Bathurst and the Court Case Dog Program managed currently by Kathleen Budrean, dogs like Chloe would have had to remain in the shelter system indefinitely, as they were held as 'evidence'. Sadly many dogs never made it out of the system alive under those prolonged and stressful circumstances.

Chloe did, indeed, pass her evaluation. Here are the results per the Chicago Animal Care and Control Transfer Team:

Chloe has sadly had a pretty rough life. She was found in the freezing cold by a police officer. She has old bite scars from being attacked by other dogs. We don't know exactly what her history is, but she looked severe enough for the officer to file cruelty charges. She is an absolute sweetheart!!! Very friendly right off the bat when we took her out, allowed handling, squirmy with teeth check, allowed a hug, takes treats gently, gripped her rawhide but traded up for treats, not interested in toys and continued eating during her food bowl test. She was not comfortable with other dogs when they came up close to her. She bared her teeth a bit and growled, but was fine again when they backed away. It's easy to understand, with all those bite scars, why she may be a little defensive. She was evaluated by a professional trainer. We'd love for her to finally get the chance at the life she deserves, that of a loved companion."

For those unfamiliar with the role of transfer teams, please see this article which explains their critical life-saving role.

Although Chloe passed the evaluation, that does not guarantee her safety. She cannot be housed indefinitely at CACC.  No dog can as space is a finite variable within the shelter system.

Per the CACC Transfer Team:

Chicago Animal Care & Control is at MAX CAPACITY due to all the owner surrenders and strays coming in – very few cages are available.

Without a foster home to accept Chloe, she is still at risk to be euthanized if a foster home is not found for her. There are a number of options available to get her to safety:

1. An approved Homeward Bound rescue with CACC please contact Chicago ACC with Chloe's inventory number, A142660.(Please see this article for a primer on how animal control shelters and rescues work together).

2. An individual interested in providing a foster home can contact Famous Fido. They are willing to accept Chloe but they need a foster home to place her in. If you can foster Chloe and live in the Chicagoland area please email or call 773-907-0305.

3. An individual interested in adopting Chloe could do so by starting out as a foster via one of the above channels  and then proceed to adoption through the rescue organization. (Chloe is only available for rescue transfer.)

If you have always wanted to foster a dog but are reluctant to take the first steps, please know that when the dogs are placed in foster homes you are provided with all the resources necessary to care for the dog and to support their rehabilitation efforts.

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