A Celebration of Local Wildlife: A Year on One Suburban Chicago Acre

I am blessed to live on an acre that includes a wetland (more precisely, an ephemeral pond) so I am able to see many of our local wildlife species in my own backyard (usually while washing dishes).  These 30+ species are just a few of the birds and animals that are regular visitors here over the course of a year. (Some, like the toads and turtles may live their whole lives here and not merely pass through.)

Best viewed on a larger screen if you have access to one, and watch to the end if you want to see what may be the most beautiful coyote ever.

Some birds you may not immediately recognize in this video are the scarlet tanager, a species I had not seen in 40 years until this again Spring when this fellow popped up for a few days just outside my office window. (I took those photos from the very desk from which I am typing to you now). You will also see rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, Baltimore orioles (male and female), green heron, snowy egret, kingfisher, Cooper's hawk and sharp-shinned hawk.  Anything else you don't recognize, just ask. Enjoy!

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