Meeting Frank, The Most Interesting Dog in the World

Shelter folks meet a LOT of animals, and fall in love with many more than they can actually remember the names of as time goes by. But ask any of them if they've ever had a favorite (or twenty) and their names will be spoken before you can even finish your question. Frank is one dog that grabbed a lot of hearts at DuPage Animal Care & Control, mine included. He's long been adopted and I haven't seen him since.  (Volunteers can't force adopters to send us Facebook updates of our favorites, though if I found a lamp with a genie in it, I might use one of my wishes on that.) Frankie, we all remember you and we love you still!

And look below the gallery for a promo video I did for Frank before he got adopted. It's dang awesome. (In fact, for folks who are doing social media promotions for shelter and rescue animals, you can also see the gallery below in video form.)

The video below stars Frank and Jonathan, a fantastic volunteer trainer at Belly Up for Adoptions (you can read about them here). DCACC and BUFA had a joint adoption event at BUFA's facility (they are also a doggie day care and training facility). This was Frank's first experience with an agility course.

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