Follow the Bouncing Bully: Lucky Mutts Left in the Lurch

Follow the Bouncing Bully: Lucky Mutts Left in the Lurch
Lucy is in urgent need of foster placement but a forever home would be awesome, too!

Let  me just say this: Lucy is a better woman than I am.

If I was having the year she's been having, you would not want to be anywhere near me because I'd be one big ball of complaints and general mopiness. But Lucy, as a testament to the awesomeness of dogs, has been resilient in the face of adversity and injustice.

Lucy would LOVE a comparably-sized doggie playmate.

Lucy would LOVE a comparably-sized doggie playmate.

Back in April, 1 y.o. Lucy was dumped by her family at Aurora Animal Care & Control because they simply "didn't want her any more." She was absolutely terrified at AACC and basically cowered in a corner for a full week until volunteers there were able to help her come out of her shell. However, with no adoption or rescue placements materializing for her after several weeks there, Lucy was placed on the euthanasia list in July.

Our heroine was lucky, indeed, when Lucky Mutts Animal Rescue in Valparaiso, IN, swept in to save her life. She was set up in a foster home and things finally seemed to be looking up for her.

At least for a while...

You know, it's funny (as in, not really) what people will do when fear and prejudice rears its head. Lucy was being fostered in a condo with no breed restrictions and doing just fine until the condo association realized...Heyyyy, wait a minute...isn't that one of those 'pit bull' dogs?!

In an overblown, 'quick before there goes the neighborhood' reaction, the board held an emergency meeting to decide that they actually did want to have a breed restriction after all.

Lucy hadn't done a thing wrong other than to present herself as a precedent that the condo association did not want to see set.  The foster was blindsided by their decision when she received a letter with the determination that she must get rid of Lucy. With no other available fosters for this small rescue, Lucy had to be boarded.

Let me repeat, this is a small pretty much one woman with a very devoted husband, adding in the odd foster and maybe a couple volunteers.

Major shout out to the husbands of rescue workers, btw. There is a special place in Heaven for you.

Lucky Mutts has been in existence about a year, officially getting non-profit status in January of this year. They have adopted out over 45 dogs and cats to date, an impressive start. And due to the care they take in matching adopters with animals, they proudly report no returned adoptions to date. Sounds impressive but rescues aren't cheap and owner Tricia Reid, who left her career as a teacher in order to open her rescue, isn't exactly rolling in the dough. In fact, she has taken a part time job specifically to support her life-saving work.

Boarding Lucy for several weeks presented a significant drain on the rescue's resources, recently made more manageable after a crowd funding campaign garnered support from some very generous souls in Illinois and Indiana. However, unless a foster alternative or adoptive home is found soon, those resources will run out.

And because Tricia wants to do everything she can to set Lucy up for a successful adoption, she's supplemented Lucy's boarding with visits from a trainer who works with her on leash walking and basic commands, providing enrichment for her while a home placement is sought.

Soooo, about that's details for you potential fosters or forever families out there:

Lucy is about 1 1/2 years old. She would love love love to have a canine playmate of comparable size. She doesn't mind cats but with her big goofy playful self, cats might mind her. Lucy loves kids but small kids (and small dogs) may not be sturdy enough for this fun-loving gal. Older kids would be just fine, especially if they like to throw squeaky toys to play fetch and stuff.

Lucy completely rocked her temperament test. She is a little unsure of men with gray hair, which might be due to a bad experience with an older man in the past or she's simply seen too much of the presidential candidates on television, we're not sure. In general, she a little shy with new folks at first but warms up quickly.

She has been spayed, microchipped, is current on shots, has been fully vetted and is in good health. So, pretty much everything you want in a gal with one more important thing:

She is basically adorable.

Want to talk to Tricia about fostering or adopting Lucy? Give her a shout at 219-741-9445. You can also download a foster app here. You do not have to live in Indiana to be a foster.

And even though it may sound like a cliche, SHARING HELPS HOMELESS DOGS FIND HOMES...I know this for a fact, so please join in the effort to find Lucy a home and  give her a click!

Interested in working with Lucky Mutts as a volunteer?  As a teacher, Tricia is very invested in humane education, and can always use volunteers to help her with educational and adoption events. Be sure to check out Lucky Mutts on Facebook, too.

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