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Live Free or Die Artshow

Cheri Basak, co-owner and curator at Revolution Tattoo, recently hosted an incredible art opening – with the theme being “Live Free or Die” with the support of Northdown. I asked her to expand a bit on why she choose that theme, (which is covered nicely in her curator statement below) and how she  determined participating... Read more »

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo - Chicago

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Seeing all of the changes, expansion and staff increases with one of my favorite Chicago tattoo shops, I revisited Speakeasy Custom Tattoo here in Chicago.. the purpose was to meet some of the new artists and film the action for a day in the ubiquitous Flat Iron building on North Avenue in Chicago. Patrick and... Read more »

Family Tattoo on Belmont in Chicago

Family Tattoo on Belmont in Chicago
Family Tattoo on Belmont in Chicago invited us in for a little Q & A, a lot of visuals and some fun. The first thing I noticed is the vibe I felt when I was only at the shop a short time, a very relaxed atmosphere that was warm and welcoming. I met all the... Read more »

Sailor Jerry Event at Chicago Tattooing

I had the pleasure of being invited to cover the Sailor Jerry event at Chicago Tattooing this past Saturday. Chicago does not get the “event “ hype LA or NYC does, so it was great that the Midwest was represented as Sailor Jerry and Chicago have a unique history. The event was centered around original... Read more »

Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery

Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery
I had the great pleasure of spending time with Cheri and Omar, owners of Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery, a merge of gallery and tattoo shop.  They had quite an adventure on the long and winding path to realizing a dream, including the inevitable problems of licensing and permit issues in our windy city, neighbors... Read more »