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Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

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Chicago Tattoo Arts convention was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont on March 22 to March 24. The convention was hosted by  who are old pros at this and it showed.  The facility was easy to park at, not too pricey compared to downtown garages and was right off major expressways.  The actual... Read more »

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo - Chicago

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Seeing all of the changes, expansion and staff increases with one of my favorite Chicago tattoo shops, I revisited Speakeasy Custom Tattoo here in Chicago.. the purpose was to meet some of the new artists and film the action for a day in the ubiquitous Flat Iron building on North Avenue in Chicago. Patrick and... Read more »

The Congregation of Forgotten Saints, Preachers and Fools in LA

The Congregation of Forgotten Saints, Preachers and Fools in LA
FROM LOS ANGELES: I had the incredible opportunity to talk to Cody Varona, fashion designer and the owner of Forgotten Saints and Sara Lou, who is the tattooist at Preachers and Fools, both under the Congregation of the Forgotten Saints regime. Uniqueness is the absolute best description of the shop, art gallery and all it... Read more »

Ben Wahhh- Deluxe Tattoo Chicago

I had the wonderful experience of interviewing Ben Wahhh- he shared his knowledge and wit when we spoke at his shop, Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago. Ben, I do want to get some background information and a bit of personal history.  Did you, as many of the artists I have spoken to, have any drawing interests... Read more »

This one is a bit different

When I started my blog, I had two very firm ideas in mind.  One, that was a bit more of an undertaking than I originally thought, was that my blog was going to feature original content only, mainly interview based.  I do understand that blogs are the same, and also different for each and every blogger... Read more »

Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery

Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery
I had the great pleasure of spending time with Cheri and Omar, owners of Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery, a merge of gallery and tattoo shop.  They had quite an adventure on the long and winding path to realizing a dream, including the inevitable problems of licensing and permit issues in our windy city, neighbors... Read more »

Interview: Speakeasy Custom Tattoo owner Patrick Cornolo

Patrick at work, tattooing Jill Hepp. Patrick Cornolo, along with his wife Kelly, is the owner of Speakeasy Custom Tattoo. Being the owner of a large, custom only tattoo shop is a journey that has a quite a few interesting twists and turns, something I discovered even with having the background of being a long... Read more »

Tattoo art, fine art and the blending of the medias.

A short introduction to this blog, and the aspirations I have as its author. I have been a collector and tattoo enthusiast for many years. In the last 5 years or so, the interest in tattooing and the world that revolves around the field has exploded. After any explosion as always, we see interesting results,... Read more »