Speakeasy Custom Tattoo - Chicago

Seeing all of the changes, expansion and staff increases with one of my favorite Chicago tattoo shops, I revisited Speakeasy Custom Tattoo here in Chicago.. the purpose was to meet some of the new artists and film the action for a day in the ubiquitous Flat Iron building on North Avenue in Chicago.
Patrick and Kelly Cornolo did not start out with the idea of having a huge tattoo shop with the number of artists that they currently do. The staff, clientele and business increased quickly, based on the like mindedness of artists who have a vested interest not only in their career but also being a member of a unique tattoo shop culture. The couple figured as the shop has grown, "If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right, and and create a shop that we ourselves would like to be tattooed in". With Kelly's background in Human Resources in the hospitality business, and Patrick's artistic ability and reputation as a great person to work with and for, the couple have come up with a unique twist on the average tattoo shop environment. They are serious and focused on the experience that clients have at their shop and only hire artists who have the same vision. This now includes not only true collaboration on client requests but an expanded fine art interest. "Our artists are our family, everyone gets along at work and outside of work. They collaborate on art and have a good time together. No one dreads coming to work, that is everything to us and it shows". Patrick and Kelly make a conscious effort to learn the business, growing as a company but first and foremost making their shop a cohesive group who put creative effort and clients comfort first. Here is a direct link with great information about the shop and artists.


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