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When I started my blog, I had two very firm ideas in mind.  One, that was a bit more of an undertaking than I originally thought, was that my blog was going to feature original content only, mainly interview based.  I do understand that blogs are the same, and also different for each and every blogger and reader.  A lot of blogs re-purpose and re-post articles, links etc. that they and their readers enjoy.  I wanted to stay away from that, mainly with such a huge interest lately in tattooing, there is a lot of repeated articles.  The other reason is that I am artist, not a writer, and I really wanted to challenge myself to do a reporting type style of work.  Also, as my blog is not really a general tattoo blog- but a concentration on art and tattooing I wanted to stay focused with that direction.

Real life i.e. work got in the way and I literally did not keep the idea of at least an interview a month, going to try again on that! I really enjoying sharing the artist's path, philosophies and influences.  I also am going to keep my original path of not re-purposing as much as possible.  However, this next "interview" is just a bit of a self indulgence but I wanted to share so I hope you enjoy!

I have been blessed to have some great writers, artists, dancers, creatives as friends and colleagues.  My friend Kim Saigh had a shop here in Chicago, with Patrick Cornolo, whom I wrote about previously.  At this time all my tattoo work save one, was done by Kim  and we both thought it would be fun for me to get a tattoo from Patrick, one of his many drawing talents is the wonderful characters he can make out of our beloved pets.  The tattoo I ended up with is the one photographed of my cat Honey.

Portrait of Honey

I know there is cat people, dog people etc. but I think a common bond with pet owners is the revelation of how much you can truly care about as my Mom calls them "your little friends".  Honey was my first cat, (yep, dog person usually here :) and actually wasn't mine (ownership of animals is a weird term anyway, co-existence?) Anyway, Gram and I got Honey for my son Sam's 12th birthday, he wanted his own pet, not a shared one!  As time went by, Honey became super attached to me and thus really was just a member of our family.

All pets are unique and this cat was no exception.  She really did not dig people, other cats and as she got older, not much of anything but her chair in the living room.  As all of us eventually go through, years passed, she slowed down a lot but kept her character.. Eventually through twists and turns it was her time, she was just over 17 years old.  Those days are full of pain and it struck me though I thought I was prepared, it was worse than imagined.

The cool part is I have a fab memory and fantastic tattoo that is one of my very favs, and as Inked Mag had it very early on as tattoo of the day, I know that as a piece of art, it has an audience too.

My friend Jasmin had the idea of adding some wings and a crooked halo to Honey (she had a streak in her, so yes, crooked!)in tribute now.  Patrick is up for it, but I am not quite ready yet.  I shared the story as it is really full of good memories, time passing and what the art of tattooing can mean on a personal level to a lot of us.

I also decided to make this one not just my story, but yours too, and an on going art collaboration.   So, if my audience and their friends, (please pass this on!) would send me a short description and of course photo of your pets that now exist as part of your canvas, much appreciated.  I will do at least one, maybe more, blog entries featuring you and your tattoo!  I cannot wait to read and share your thoughts and art.
Honey looking at Honey
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