Tattoo art, fine art and the blending of the medias.


A short introduction to this blog, and the aspirations I have as its author. I have been a collector and tattoo enthusiast for many years. In the last 5 years or so, the interest in tattooing and the world that revolves around the field has exploded.

After any explosion as always, we see interesting results, some positive and some negative. As much as the curiosity has created business opportunities for my tattoo artist friends, it also has raised some questions and a lot of comments about tattoo artists, the parameters of good and bad work, how it all is regarding in the "fine art' community, etc.

As a former gallery owner and sometimes curator, I felt compelled to bring the artwork to the level it should be seen at, and hope to introduce some fabulous Chicago artists and those with former ties to our great city to all. I also have the goal to bring to you many exclusive one on one interviews. The first interview, coming very soon, will be with Patrick Cornolo, owner of

Find out among other fun facts what job Patrick did on the new show, The Chicago Code!

Also, please feel free to send comments, artist suggestions, etc. to me, I am looking forward to this new adventure, and really consider it a collaboration piece for all!

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