Hello, new friends!

Ah, the ever most nerve wracking first post. I've had some of these in other blog attempts.  This one, though, is just me trying to hopefully bring you some laughter, insight and something to talk about with your friends over wine.

The idea of this has been brewing for some time.  I haven't read any other blog out there who really tells it like it is.  No one has posted about common insecurities. I mean, yes, they have, but no one has really talked about it.  Like when I suddenly realized it was time to do something about my weight because I noticed my elbows were fat or when I know I was dumped because I was working too much and frankly as much as it hurt, I love financial stability more.  I am hoping to be that blunt 26-year old girl who lives in Chicago and can relate to you about how much Lincoln Park clubs suck or how you can't wait to move out of a neighborhood that sucks. I am going to talk about old stories and new stories and hopefully will be able to get your input. I want to hear what you want to read about.

So cheers to you, this journey, wine and the beautiful city we call home, Chicago.


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