"Brothers and Sisters Are As Close As Hands and Feet"

I love my brother and sisters.  They mean more to me than my well-being–more than having a roof over my head. I didn’t always have  all of my siblings. I grew up with my mom who gave me a little sister, Jennifer when I was ten. I changed her diapers, taught her how to count... Read more »

Birthday Reflection

Birthday Reflection
A mentor and old boss of mine always said that twenty seven was her favorite age. I heard it throughout the years since I started working for her when I was only twenty. Earlier this month, I turned twenty seven. I finally spent a birthday in Chicago after years of going out of town for... Read more »

Tik Tok, On the Clock

No, I’m not just referring to Kesha’s lyrics….or is it back to Ke$sha? I can’t remember. Anyway, I’m talking about the inner clock we all have to hurry up, to get somewhere.  I’m guilty of that. I always am trying to go somewhere, even when I don’t know where I am going. Some  say that... Read more »

Kicking & Screaming

I got fired from my old career a year ago. Yep, at 25 I had a career.  While it sucked, it provided my education, my place of living and the many pairs of shoes living in my closet. I had been wanting to leave that dreadful place and the second I did I was faced with the... Read more »

Debauchery For The Win

The word debauchery is often associated with our twenties–when reckless behavior is tolerated and of course, expected. I’ve had my share of nights I don’t remember or the nights I remember too well, but wish I could forget.  Those actions of debauchery aren’t our winning moments, like when you con some guy to give you... Read more »

The Blessing In A New Perspective

I’ve been neglectful, it’s true. I’ve spent all summer worrying about work, money and finding happiness. Have I succeeded? Not one bit. What I did succeed at this summer was in making a new friend. This friend of mine came to me one August afternoon and although it was surprising to say the least, I... Read more »

27 Things to Keep Welcoming In Your Life at 27...and Beyond

I’m pissed. It’s one of those, it’s really dumb to be angry about kind of things, but it annoyed me so much that I had to stop what I was doing (ahem, paying my bills) to log on and write about it. As the title says, these are 27 things to keep welcoming in your... Read more »

Thursday Lesson: Less Comparing, More Living

Today’s lesson is one that I have yet to really learn myself. It inevitably happens to pretty much everyone at one point or another, but recently it has taken prevalence in my life.  It’s an interesting crossroads to be in when you’re in your mid twenties.  Most people are pairing up, running around with people,... Read more »

Hello, new friends!

Ah, the ever most nerve wracking first post. I’ve had some of these in other blog attempts.  This one, though, is just me trying to hopefully bring you some laughter, insight and something to talk about with your friends over wine. The idea of this has been brewing for some time.  I haven’t read any... Read more »