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I’m Afraid my Teacher will Shoot up my School if I Tell on Him

Some mornings, while I’m in line waiting for the bell to ring, half-ass listening to my friends talk about who posted what on their Snapchat stories, I stare at him from afar, wondering what kind of sick shit he has running through his mind. Some days, when our classes are out for recess, I try... Read more »

Happy Freaking Mother’s Day, I Hate You

Here’s your stupid Mother’s Day present. You can just throw it away since you never drink coffee anyway. I hate you.  Happy Freaking Mother’s Day. And off she went.  Stomping her feet all the way up the stairs until her bedroom door slammed shut. I’m almost positive the house shook a bit but it might’ve... Read more »

Visit me in my dreams

She should’ve died with me by her side. I’m eventually going to have to repaint the basement floor one of these days.  All the scrubbing and the scrapping has left it chipped and dull in certain areas, mainly where the litter boxes are kept.  There’s only one now by the way.  Only one litter box... Read more »

The Fundamentals of a Filtered Life

Pictures and sounds fade in and out while my mind constantly tries to grasp where the hell I am. I have to be stuck in some sort of limbo because it’s too damn cold to be in hell but too damn hot to be in heaven. One thing I do know for sure is that everything... Read more »

Sing Logic's 1-800-273-8255 and Help Prevent Suicide

It can be hard It can be so hard But you gotta live right now You got everything to give right now There is a strip of well-to-do homes in the Chicagoland area that is done up for Christmas like you wouldn’t believe. Lights, decorations, music, the works. It has it all. However, please do not ask me where... Read more »

Chicago Public High School Parents Deserve to know of a Possible Mass Shooting

My mother drops my 17-year-old niece off at school every single day. Every single morning, Monday through Friday, my Mother wakes up earlier than she needs to, gets dressed, and takes the 15 minute car ride out of her way to make sure my niece, a Junior at John F. Kennedy Public High School on... Read more »

We can only Catch our Children if we Fall First

I had dreams the day before I was scheduled to go in for my appointment. Scary dreams. The fact that in my late thirties now and still remember them vividly confirms they had to be pretty damn frightening. The doctors had diagnosed me with Scoliosis when I was 11 years old. Something my mother said... Read more »

In my dreams, divorce is better

I can feel no hatred in my heart as my eyesight slowly starts to fade in. My body is telling me that there is simply no more room for it. No more room in my heart, no more room in my thoughts, no more room in my life. Only relief and gratitude. I sit up... Read more »

Two Daughters, One Mother, So Many Wrongs

Nobody talks to me at school. Well, let’s throw you a party and get you some friends. Nobody talks to me at school. Well, always carry a book or a journal with you so you’re never really alone. One is too popular. One is a loner. One does well in school. One continues to struggle. One reads.... Read more »

Addicted to My Cure: Outpatient Impatience

“I’ve been clean for 33 days.  This is my first intensive outpatient counseling session.” There has been talk of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in my home state for some time.  Adults, aged 21 and over, will be able to grow, purchase and possess up to one ounce of marijuana if this were to... Read more »