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Renting in the Chicago-land Area is Ruining our Chance to Start Over

I left him over 6 months ago. Only took me 19 years to realize giving up and letting go have two entirely separate definitions. It was wasn’t easy considering we have four children together. Finding a day that worked well was the hardest, but I knew he couldn’t be home, so I waited. And I... Read more »

Chasing the Son: Chapter Three -- 8.5x11 Broken Pieces of Paper

Alex’s age, I think to myself as I scroll through my Facebook feed. Same boat, different body of water, I whisper as I read the post out loud. “Prayers he is found safe.”, I write in the Comments section “Missing Child, Please Share.” I write on my own Facebook post as I Share the details... Read more »

I’m Afraid my Teacher will Shoot up my School if I Tell on Him

Some mornings, while I’m in line waiting for the bell to ring, half-ass listening to my friends talk about who posted what on their Snapchat stories, I stare at him from afar, wondering what kind of sick shit he has running through his mind. Some days, when our classes are out for recess, I try... Read more »

Badass Bitches and the Mothers' who Love Them

You’re a Badass Bitch and you got this, whispers the mother of a twelve year old girl right before she steps out onto the court. She can tell her daughter is worried about playing today. Worried about her new teammates watching every move she makes. Worried about not being good enough to be considered a member... Read more »

Chasing the Son: Chapter Two -- Close Enough to Push Away

I sometimes catch short videos of him posted on social media. They last no more than a few seconds but I have a tendency to let them auto play over and over on my feed before I move on. I study his body movement and watch his facial expressions as the footage repeats itself, but... Read more »

Chasing the Son: Chapter One -- Possible Runaway

“Not to be the bearer of bad news, but some kids, regardless of what their parents try to do for them, don’t want to be helped, by anyone. There is really nothing you can do for them.” I feel stupid not having an actual photo with me. Considering it hadn’t been a full 24 hours... Read more »