Who and what am I about?
I’ve been asking myself this very question for years.
Every day it seems.

You can occasionally catch me outside of a school waiting for a few of my kids to exit that door, that door and that door.
I’m the loner. The one with the sunglasses, converse, and the jeans that sag by the ass.  At work, same deal, only it’s my business casual slacks that sag.
Or, I’m the one sitting on the front porch of that one house having a puff while thinking about everything that should have gone differently in my day.
I'm also out there wondering if my older kid is really at the library.

So, why am I here?
To write. And to vent. And to laugh. And to cry. And to think. And to breathe.
I'm here to write about anything and everything that goes through my mind.
No set agenda here.

A little bit of storytelling. A little bit of life.

Because I’ve learned that it’s easier to just go with the flow and let shit happen.
It’s just better that way.

It’s just better to let life surprise this Mom.