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Derrick Rose Continues to Take a Beating

After a brief hiatus, I will state that nothing generates comments like Bears season and between the end of the season and all the format changes at the Trib, those comments sections have died down, but there is still plenty going on: Derrick Rose stories continue to generate ire and condescension: MGB1974 Rank 55 Rose... Read more »

Did the Blackhawks Make a Mistake by Signing Toews and Kane to Record Contracts?

No. That is my answer to the question in the headline. Well, it’s more like: No way. Absolutely not. Actually, more like: Haha, get out of here with that. Are you f—ing kidding me?  Even asking that question?? But many who comment in the comments section of the Tribune story don’t agree: John Adams12 Weren’t... Read more »

Blackhawks fans actually like Brad Richards

A happy and safe 4th of July to everyone! Just a quick one about the Blackhawks, possibly my favorite current team in Chicago due to their sustained excellence, soon to be continued when they lock up Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, which I’ll expand upon shortly. In the meantime, the ‘Hawks made a nice bargain... Read more »

Marion Hossa and Duncan Keith are the only Blackhawks Remaining

First off, if you happen to be reading this Blackhawks story and don’t already know about John Jaeckel’s Blackhawks blog, it is absolutely the best Blackhawks blog in the entire universe. But the comments section is insanity!  Since JJ’s post Sunday at 8:28am previewing Game 7 and another post since then, there have been over... Read more »