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Bears Fans Rejoice Over Packers Loss

Bears fans are mostly happy to have a new coach – which is pretty typical – but they are also happy to see the Packers lose: CutlerToMarshallFor6 That was the choke of the ages. Thank You!!!! That guy is going to need a new screen name soon. Jahannum That loss was glorious. That seems somewhat... Read more »

Will the Bears Get John Fox?

This much is clear. The Bears simply can’t win the PR battle in any of their hires. Another commenter puts it well: ChicagoTRS These comments are sort of hilarious…tells me the Bears can’t win vs public opinion no matter who they hire. They hire Pace and I hear cries of “why not Ballard?” Ballard would... Read more »

Is Ted Phillips the Real Problem? (part 2)

So the Bears hired Ryan Pace as GM of the Bears. Who? His prior title was Director of Player Personnel with the New Orleans Saints and his primary background is in pro personnel. Bears fans, well, they ain’t happy: JoeBone Rank 441 I’m guessing he was the low-cost option. jenesis5 Rank 611 WTH! The Saints... Read more »

Is Ted Phillips the Real Problem?

Is Ted Philips the Real Problem? For some reason, nobody seems to like Ted Phillips. jdh_666 DeCosta didn’t say he won’t leave Baltimore. He said he won’t work under Ted Phillips, which he’s totally right about. As long as Phillips is still making football decisions, the Bears are almost guaranteed to make the wrong ones.... Read more »

Did the Bears Do Enough?

With the axe falling on GM Phil Emery, head coach Marc Trestman and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, I’ve read headlines stating “Bears clean house”. Not enough for Bears fans, who want ownership and Ted Phillips out as well: RobertNunez I am just not buying this. The dysfunction in Halas Hall doesn’t go away with these... Read more »

Bears Win Doesn't Win Fans Over

Even after a win over the Vikings, the press is pretty negative about the Bears, as they should be.  And fans are pretty negative about the Bears, as they should be as well: After a positive article about Jay Cutler: Design’nGal Rank 23 Seriously? Vikings have a terrible defense and Cutler took advantage thanks to his... Read more »

Bears fans want to keep Urlacher, but at a reduced price

We pay attention to the Trib’s unscientific polls here at the Peanut Gallery, and this latest one addresses the sensitive situation of Brian Urlacher.  I voted that I would miss him and to my surprise, 2 out of 3 out of 6000 Bears fans voted that they would also miss Brian Urlacher.  I figured it... Read more »

Bears fans are done with Devin Hester

Departing Wide Receivers coach Daryl Drake, on his way out stated that “Devin just needs to be involved,” referring to Devin Hester.  Bears fans responded: Donald C Rudow · Follow Hester is not a receiver. This is one of Lovie’s major personnel blunders. Update: Hester has said publicly that “I do need a fresh start,” indicating he... Read more »

Real Fans Should Stay Home When the Team Is Bad

I will rarely, if ever, post something this long but this is the first and most important post of this site, because it tackles one of the most frequent comments that come up regarding Chicago Sports teams.  Since the comment will undoubtedly be made on this site, I will refer back to it over the... Read more »