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If only we still had what's-his-name

Players never look as good in Chicago uniforms when they’re playing as they do when they leave for another team. Bulls: Hunter said 6 hours, 19 minutes ago We needed Nate Robinson and not Kirk Hinrich last night. Second ball-handler/attacker/scorer. I’m going to have that feeling a lot this season and into the postseason. Blackhawks: Luke... Read more »

Time to bring back Brian Urlacher?

God no. But 3 out of 81 fans felt like mentioning him following the Bears crushing 45-41 loss to the Redskins. I’m sure we’ll hear it all season after each Bears loss. Measuring fan sentiment from the comments on the main Tribune story written by Rich Campbell, there were a few primary themes among the... Read more »

Bears Fans Split on Urlacher Decision

Although I recently posted that Bears fans were ready to see Urlacher go, that hasn’t lined up with their attitudes now that he’s actually gone. The Tribune’s poll has 52% of Bears fans calling the decision a bad move, and the main Tribune story by Vaughn McClure has more of the same. In 13 hours since... Read more »

Time for Brian Urlacher to go

Bears fans are ready to part with Brian Urlacher. Rumors are that Urlacher is talking with the Vikings. My guess is that the Vikings are trying to re-play the Bears for driving up the price on Phil Loadholt. My guess is also that it won’t work here because I seriously doubt the Vikings are about... Read more »

Bears Should Not Draft Manti Te'o

Matt Bowen put together a nice list of 10 Draft Picks Who Could Help the Bears, which included Manti Te’o, and unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard of him and his fake dead girlfriend but might not necessarily know that he is in fact one of this upcoming NFL Draft’s top linebacker... Read more »

Bears fans want to keep Urlacher, but at a reduced price

We pay attention to the Trib’s unscientific polls here at the Peanut Gallery, and this latest one addresses the sensitive situation of Brian Urlacher.  I voted that I would miss him and to my surprise, 2 out of 3 out of 6000 Bears fans voted that they would also miss Brian Urlacher.  I figured it... Read more »