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Bears Fans Rejoice Over Packers Loss

Bears fans are mostly happy to have a new coach – which is pretty typical – but they are also happy to see the Packers lose: CutlerToMarshallFor6 That was the choke of the ages. Thank You!!!! That guy is going to need a new screen name soon. Jahannum That loss was glorious. That seems somewhat... Read more »

If You Have to Blame One Person, Let it be Marc Trestman

Bears Don’t Have A Problem, They Have Many: Coaching Edition If the comments section speaks for Chicago, it’s over for Jay Cutler with the Bears, as far as the fans are concerned. Old story at this point but let’s go back to comments related to Aaron Kromer saying that Jay is hurting the Bears: remembertheroar1... Read more »

Cubs fans pretending to be Sox fans and vice versa. Why?

Does anyone take what they read on a comment board seriously?  I personally find it fascinating, but that’s not the same thing as taking it seriously.  But some folks do take it very, very seriously. Comment boards are for stupid people (myself included) saying stupid things, and nobody does — or at least nobody should... Read more »

Goodell has lost all credibility and has to go

This Goodell/Rice stuff is old news at this point, but I’m responding to a comment from the Trib, in which a reader responded to David Haugh’s article calling for Goodell to resign. phylladel Rank 291 Guess what, Haugh? I would venture a guess that the majority of football fans couldn’t care less about what the... Read more »

Are the McCaskeys to Blame for the Bears Loss to the Bills?

First off, there used to be 300+ comments after a Bears loss. The new comments section only has about 150, so I’d say it isn’t working. Anyways, many “sophisticated” commenters think they’ve tracked down the true root cause of the Bears loss on Sunday: Ken1954 Rank 305 “Wasn’t that garbage supposed to change this season?”... Read more »

Should the Bears Fire Mel Tucker in Preseason?

First off, as I figured, although the new-fangled comments section didn’t draw many comments at first, it only took a Bears loss to remedy that. A loss in preseason. Bears lose a preseason game and nearly 100 comments pour in across several stories and the calls to fire Mel Tucker have already started: cubbybear48 I... Read more »

Changes to the Tribune's site and comments format

If you haven’t been to the Chicago Tribune’s site yet, first, go check it out. They’re re-formatting in a “modern” way, using some of the more current technology and thinking in web design. There are others that can get into all that better than I can but there is also a change in how comments... Read more »

Blackhawks fans actually like Brad Richards

A happy and safe 4th of July to everyone! Just a quick one about the Blackhawks, possibly my favorite current team in Chicago due to their sustained excellence, soon to be continued when they lock up Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, which I’ll expand upon shortly. In the meantime, the ‘Hawks made a nice bargain... Read more »

Is Derrick Rose stealing from the Bulls?

This question is essentially being posed by Bulls “fans” who comment at the Tribune, which by the way changed from their Facebook-driven form a while back, though I’m not sure why.  It’s a little easier now for folks to hide behind pseudonyms but at least you can click on someone’s name and read all the... Read more »

Bears Do Something Right?

A pillar of why I started this blog is that comments are typically very mean-spirited and unjustified, the types of things people would never say out loud in a room full of people.  However, sometimes the comments are positive, and the Bears signing of Jared Allen was one of those times.  The Dan Wiederer article... Read more »