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Did the Blackhawks Make a Mistake by Signing Toews and Kane to Record Contracts?

No. That is my answer to the question in the headline. Well, it’s more like: No way. Absolutely not. Actually, more like: Haha, get out of here with that. Are you f—ing kidding me?  Even asking that question?? But many who comment in the comments section of the Tribune story don’t agree: John Adams12 Weren’t... Read more »

Blackhawks fans actually like Brad Richards

A happy and safe 4th of July to everyone! Just a quick one about the Blackhawks, possibly my favorite current team in Chicago due to their sustained excellence, soon to be continued when they lock up Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, which I’ll expand upon shortly. In the meantime, the ‘Hawks made a nice bargain... Read more »

Marion Hossa and Duncan Keith are the only Blackhawks Remaining

First off, if you happen to be reading this Blackhawks story and don’t already know about John Jaeckel’s Blackhawks blog, it is absolutely the best Blackhawks blog in the entire universe. But the comments section is insanity!  Since JJ’s post Sunday at 8:28am previewing Game 7 and another post since then, there have been over... Read more »

If only we still had what's-his-name

Players never look as good in Chicago uniforms when they’re playing as they do when they leave for another team. Bulls: Hunter said 6 hours, 19 minutes ago We needed Nate Robinson and not Kirk Hinrich last night. Second ball-handler/attacker/scorer. I’m going to have that feeling a lot this season and into the postseason. Blackhawks: Luke... Read more »

Real Fans Should Stay Home When the Team Is Bad

I will rarely, if ever, post something this long but this is the first and most important post of this site, because it tackles one of the most frequent comments that come up regarding Chicago Sports teams.  Since the comment will undoubtedly be made on this site, I will refer back to it over the... Read more »
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    Roman F

    I was raised in Naperville over 30 years ago and know my Chicago sports. My favorite teams are, in order, the Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls and Cubs. Though I’m a Sox fan I do actually like and root for the Cubs and even sometimes go to their games. I have not lived in Chicago all my life, having lived in Los Angeles and New York among other places, which helps me understand that Chicago teams aren’t the only ones with problems, so you might find me less angry and more measured than the typical Chicago sports fan. This picture of me was taken last week.

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