Bears Win Doesn't Win Fans Over

Even after a win over the Vikings, the press is pretty negative about the Bears, as they should be.  And fans are pretty negative about the Bears, as they should be as well:

After a positive article about Jay Cutler:

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    Seriously? Vikings have a terrible defense and Cutler took advantage thanks to his receivers. He threw for two picks and any other team would have taken advantage of that! Are people seriously satisfied with one lousy win? Idiots!!


    After Steve Rosenbloom commented on Marc Trestman's quiet demeanor:

    Rank 180He's not a leader. He's not a motivator. He's a wimp. Going for the field goal on 3rd down because he feared a turnover, and last week basically kneeling with minute 1/2 before half to keep his team "safe". We don't need a psycho like Ditka, and we do not need a soft spoken office man like Trest, we need something in-between.

    To me his epitaph was written in the last minute of the first 1/2 of last weeks game. It typified his tenure.

    This after a positive article:

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    Way too much fluff in this article.

    I mean, the team is horse poop right now, what else do you want the Trib guys to come up with?

    The thing is, this is one of the rare times when I actually agree with the angry posters.  I really can't defend the Bears organization or anyone involved.  I have argued, and will continue to, that the owners aren't necessarily the problem here.  The top football guy, Phil Emery, isn't getting the job done, and there's a growing drumbeat in the comments section calling him out:

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    Emery gets the largest share of the blame for this mess. He re-signed Cutler to the worst contract of all time. He re-signed and overpaid Marshall and Jennings. He picked Jared Allen, Lamarr Houston and Ryan Mundy when there were many young defensive studs available.

    The eight highest-paid Bears earn $75 million in 2015. That is the most out-of-whack salary structure in the NFL. And the Bears have only 33 players under contract. They have to sign 20 players next year, and only have $30 million in salary cap to accomplish that. Here comes another bunch of sub-par players, thanks to Emery's multiple bone-headed moves


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    Emery is the one who should be on "borrowed time"


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    If anyone needs fired it starts with Phillips and Emery. Emery has not only handcuffed his head coach he has done a very poor job of finding players that actually fit. Emery hired Mel Tucker not Trestman; and that hire was based off of what? A consistent track record of poor performing defenses and a whole lot of hype. For a stat guy Emery sure blew that one. Furthermore, everyone seems perplexed about why the team does not seem to have a real desire to play for their coach. The simple answer? If the example set for the players is a general manager who doesn't respect or trust his head coach to hire his own coordinators or find the right players that fit, it is not too much of a stretch to say they are following Emery's lead. It would also account for the lack of trust in the system. Finally, these are grown men; some of them grizzled veterans. There is no excuse for them to be missing calls, taking bad angles, and falling for play actions they have saw a thousand times. Their job is to step up and help the younger players. It is clear, especially a certain linebacker, by his complete lack of interest that his respect for the coach is next to nil.

    Obviously none of this should be taken too seriously when nobody really has to put their name behind it, but there is some reflection of fan sentiment here, and they are looking at Emery as the problem.  They should.  The coaches he hired are over their heads, the contracts he's given out aren't paying out, this whole thing needs to be rebooted and Emery probably shouldn't be part of it, but who do you get that you trust more?  It's the tough question that someone in the Bears organization needs to step up and answer, or more mediocrity will follow.  Bears are in a tough spot.


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    The Bears were 8-6 last year and still couldn't make the playoffs. Now at 4-6 a sensible fan is supposed to go on blind ass faith the the team is either going to run the table or finish 9-7 and other teams will be so stunned by Cutler's startlingly hard pick sixes that they will drop all ten of them to allow us to get in this season? Tell ya what Roman, if they slip by Tampa we'll see what happens at Detroit, who'll most likely be so pissed after getting rodeo calved in New England they'll just be itchin for some soft, fluffy Bear ass. If the Bears win the next two games I'll get up and pay attention again.

  • In reply to Nivlac Naharts:

    Yeah I agree with you. They're not going anywhere with this group, and are in a tough spot as far as how to best move forward.

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