Marion Hossa and Duncan Keith are the only Blackhawks Remaining

First off, if you happen to be reading this Blackhawks story and don't already know about John Jaeckel's Blackhawks blog, it is absolutely the best Blackhawks blog in the entire universe.

But the comments section is insanity!  Since JJ's post Sunday at 8:28am previewing Game 7 and another post since then, there have been over 3300 comments.  The conversation ran that night until about 4am, then started at 7am the next day when JJ posted again.  That night the conversation ran until about 2am, then started again at 8am today.  When I write "conversation" I mean at least 2 people, but there are comments posted at all hours of the day and night.

Going by those comments, it appears that the only players remaining on this team are Marion Hossa and Duncan Keith and probably Niklas Hjalmarsson and Corey Crawford.  Everyone else has been traded, while Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have left for greener pastures.  Ok, I'm over-dramatizing a bit, nobody has too strongly suggested that Toews is leaving -- though I have heard folks comment as much in the Tribune comments sections.  Anyways I'll give a quick blurb on each player, doing it in the same alphabetical orders as the Tribune's Chris Kuc, only I'm gathering what I can from 3300 comments on JJ's site:

Brian Bickell - Not well liked, some want to trade him, some say he can't be traded, haven't heard a lot to indicate that he's going anywhere.
Brandon Bollig - Just a guy really, not going anywhere, cheap contract.  He has value as one of the few bangers on this team.
Michal Handzus - Washed up, hopefully traded or released but you never know.
Marion Hossa - At age 35 and with 7 years remaining on his contract, might as well find something you like about him because he's going to be here.
Patrick Kane - Due for a raise that would cripple the team's ability to contend, but he might be headed to Buffalo or Anaheim.
Ryan Kesler - The Hawks are trying to get the legit 2C, but is he really worth it?  Have to trade assets and release others for salary reasons, but might be key to keeping Kane.
Marcus Kruger - He might want more money in the future and if he does, he either needs to start scoring or you let him walk.
Jeremy Morin - If he can play better defense, he could stick and play.
Joakim Nordstrom - We'll probably be seeing more of him, he's Q's kind of guy.
Peter Regin - We liked him during the season but now he's just a guy.  Probably won't be back.
Brandon Saad - Due for a raise, which he will probably get, making Sharp expendable.
Patrick Sharp - Lots of talk of him being traded to release salary for a 2C or just greater depth, especially at the blue line.  Some say no chance.
Andrew Shaw - Moved to wing, probably sticking around.
Ben Smith - Might get out of our price range soon but here for now.
Teuvo Teravainen - Might be our next 2C, might be a wing, might be a star too good to trade, might be a total bust that we should trade if we can find a sucker.
Jonathan Toews - Due for a big raise that will likely cripple the team's ability to contend, but he's not going anywhere.
Kris Versteeg - Hopefully traded but we might be stuck with him for another year.

Sheldon Brookbank - I feel like there is a general assumption he's moving on but I haven't heard much.
Niklas Hjalmarsson - His name barely comes up.  He just recently re-signed on a great deal so he's not going anywhere.
Duncan Keith - He's probably the guy I've heard mentioned the least, because he's still here under a great contract for a long time.
Nick Leddy - His name is probably mentioned the most when it comes to trades.
Johnny Oduya - It seems a foregone conclusion that he's gone, probably before next season.
Michal Rozsival - I think people would like to get rid of him but nobody has any solid reason to think it will happen.
Brent Seabrook - His name comes up a lot to be traded for assets or for salary relief to go after other talent.

Corey Crawford - There is plenty of concern that he's overpaid but little overall discussion about him.  He's our goalie.
Antti Raanta - Really haven't read/heard much about the goalies.

We all have our wishes, but what do you think will actually happen with this team?


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  • Funny how when teams win there is a general satisfaction and things are kinda quiet in the blogosphere but watch out when teams lose! The passions run wild and deep.

    Maybe we almost prefer it…

    (see Cubs and Bears for reference)

  • In reply to theneek:

    Losses generate about 3x as many comments as wins.

    What's really funny to me is that the pessimists like to consider themselves independent thinkers in a world of homers. Actually it's the other way around, most fans are pessimistic and think they can run the team better than those who do, while the truly optimistic fans are the independent ones.

  • You honestly have no clue what you are talking about. First of all, you don't even know how to spell Bryan Bickell name right. Second of all, Bryan is well liked and respected guy. All these men are great hockey players.They made it the NHL, you are sitting behind a computer screen saying on how good or bad they are. You go out there and play. You probably don't know how to skate or even play hockey. Don't judge unless you have been in there shoes.

  • Learn how to spell also

  • In reply to woodz10:

    Woodz, thanks for commenting, even if it's to criticize. You sound like a Blackhawks fan, if so you should follow John Jaeckel's blog (link at the top of this post) if you don't already.

    Now as to your comments, I have always struggled to spell Bryan Bickell's name for some reason. That stated, the opinions of Bickell and other Blackhawks that I have presented are not my own opinions but rather a summation of the comments on JJ's blog. This blog is about comments by people who you might say sit behind computer screens, though there are some ex-Blackhawks and other ex-hockey players who comment on JJ's blog. Bickell was not well-liked by JJ's blog followers at the time of this post, that is a fact whether you like it or not. I think more to the point, he was not well-liked relative to the salary he makes, since $4MM per year would go a long way to a 2C that every commenter -- myself included -- agrees that the 'Hawks need.

    Just to be clear, I personally think both Toews and Kane will be re-signed, and I don't think the contracts will be crippling to the team. As for Bickell, he's got to produce more than 14 points per season for what he earns, that's just a fact in the salary cap era of the NHL. But I would rather hang onto Bickell because he's one of the few 'Hawks who hits, especially in the offensive zone, and he can skate and score. There are really few trade rumors regarding him so I think he's sticking around and I think he'll do better this year.

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