Is Derrick Rose stealing from the Bulls?

This question is essentially being posed by Bulls "fans" who comment at the Tribune, which by the way changed from their Facebook-driven form a while back, though I'm not sure why.  It's a little easier now for folks to hide behind pseudonyms but at least you can click on someone's name and read all the garbage he posted in the past.

Anyhoo, here are the words being used to describe one D-Rose by those bold enough to comment in the newspaper:

Gutless selfish bum. He's washed up.

Does this surprise you? The man has no intestinal fortitude. Never has never will. Nothing but a crybaby and soft player. Bulls would be smart to get rid of him asap.

Yeah that's right! I get paid millions for not playing. hahaha. Dumb and stupid the Bulls are. hahaha

What a scam. What a con artist. I wonder what he would do if he really had to work for a living. Useless player. Bulls should just get rid of the talentless person.

He's a hack. Lazy often injured head case.

He is further called a jerk, a clown, sissy, girly-man, Drama Queen, etc.  Amazing how tough people get behind their computer screens and pseudonyms.

Let me get out front and state this:  Derrick Rose is not good at PR.  He probably shouldn't say anything right now about his not recruiting, nor his concerns about participating with Team USA, something I am definitely in favor of.  If you want to see Derrick Rose recover, then he should take this opportunity to play against legit competition.  If he's going to get injured -- either he will or he won't.  He's no more likely to get injured playing with Team USA than during the course of a NBA season.  He should try to plan, and he probably shouldn't say much of anything to the press.

All that stated, the guy has been through two surgeries and has worked his butt off through rehab for two years now, says everyone who knows him.  We can quickly dispel the notion that he's "lazy" or any kind of bad guy here.  I hope that goes without saying.

Many more Bulls fans think Rose is just "done".  I do share those concerns.  How can I not?

Many more fans want the Bulls to "dump" Rose, whatever that means. As is covered elsewhere far better by me, the Bulls are essentially stuck with Rose unless he misses a majority of games for several years or something like that.  No one will trade for him now or ever.

But mostly, I think what I actually posted:

Since I'm sitting behind a desk, let me expound about what a tough, no-nonsense guy I am and how Derrick Rose is a sissy. I'd never say it out loud, mind you, and I'd never say it to the face of a guy who had two surgeries, but on my computer I am one tough guy, let me tell you.





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    He was wonderful and adorable before the injury issues popped up.
    M V Fuckin P.The only people who say bad things about him are the poor, sad, asshole faced dickheads who can go to hell and burn like rotted twigs. There.

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    And anotha in the world could anyone even form their lips to begin to say he's stealing from the Bulls? Was he driving a motorcycle during the offseason after being told not to? Did he hurt himself being reckless while not playing for the team? No. Derrick Rose started having all sorts of nagging, lingering injuries during the strike shortened season of 2011. Playing back to back to back games was the NBA's way of not losing out on the billions they rake in annually, so guys like Derrick payed a dear price. His body caved in. Cramps, neck stiffness, back pain, groin injuries, you name it and he tried to fight through them. We're talking about a 23 year old kid having to deal with major injuries for the fist time in his life fighting to get back in time for the playoffs to help his team win a championship and now he's a bum who's stealing money from the Bulls? If you haters wanna hate someone hate the league for being so greedy. Hate Thibodeau for running all of his horses into the track. Only the criminally stupid and morbidly moronic blame Rose. I swear, I hope this guy comes back better than Jordan ever was so the slime sucking snakes who spit out all this nasty venom can choke on their own hate. Bitches.

  • In reply to Nivlac Naharts:

    Thanks for commenting. I think that posting anonymously on a newspaper is one of the few times people can be as mean as they've ever wanted to be without any repercussions, so they just go way overboard with it.

    It's nonsense. It's not like he's been at the beach these past two years, he's been working through rehab, which ain't any kind of fun.

  • In reply to Nivlac Naharts:

    Excellent post.

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    1. Writers for years have had "pen names." See the movie "The Front."
    2. Com mentors aren't getting paid, but they can easily be tracked and harassed if they used their real names.
    3. What is in a name? Why do you need/want an actual name - to track someone?
    4. Pseudo names allow us to get a real pulse of what fans/people think. Anonymous polling is usually more accurate than any other.

    As for Rose, I don't get the beef. I'm sure he's tentative and concerned. It's his career on the line, no one else is. It's his body on the line, no one else is.

    As for recruiting: what would it say about what he thinks about himself and his teammates. "Carmelo, I'm great and I'm not going anywhere, but (fill-in-the-blank) stinks and I need you to be my wingman."

    For Rose to say he'd be Carmelo's wingman would be counter-culture and it's not gonna happen.

    Either way: recruiting is for management. Yes, the times have changed but how many of the players MJ actually wanted would have panned out? And if it doesn't pan out it's easier for management, not the players to take the wrap.

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    People act like he wants to sit. It's actually embarrassing to me that ignorant people can say anything bad about Derrick. The guy has done everything right in his career but sucks for him and the city of Chicago he's had really bad luck these last 3 seasons. I think the far majority of Bulls fans love Derrick. It's the "genius" ones that need a good ass whooping. Probably the same fans that don't like Jay Cutler for whatever reason. Probably cause they don't like their own life.

  • In reply to Jake Gross:

    Jake, I think there's something to what you're saying. For whatever reason, there will always be a group of fans that love to rag on the city's athletes. I think it has something to do with high salaries -- people see a guy making millions of dollars that they could only dream of, and they'll rip on them for being anything less than perfect, which none of them are. People ripped on Cutler for leaving a game with a significant injury. People rip Rose for missing two seasons with surgeries and not coming back as fast as they think he should. It's not just a Chicago thing either, there's a very vocal group in NYC that want Melo gone.

    Anyways, this blog is about comments sections and since their emergence in the last 10 or so years, they've mostly served to give a voice to those jealous fans who expect millionaire athletes to be perfect at all times. Most comments are negative.

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    In reply to Roman F:

    Roman, Rose and Cutler are two totally different guys in polar opposite situations. Rose has been Rookie of the Year and MVP in his short NBA career, a career that's in doubt now because of a series of freak injuries. He always comes off as respectful and kind to media, fans and teammates. Cutler? This is his ninth season and he's been to one playoff game, throws more pick sixes than a blind monkey, gets sacked as if on cue because he assumes he has ten seconds to survey the field, then gets stripped, fumbles, and here we go as the opposing defense rumbles into their endzone, has dissed fans, teammates, coaches, the press, and God knows who else, but to add insult to his many injuries he gets a monster deal after being thoroughly out played by Josh McCown. I really don't care about Cutlers attitude. McMahon had an attitude too and I loved him from the second he was drafted, but until Jay actually accomplishes something he'll always be seen as average. Oh, he hasn't had the o-line or the weapons or the coaching or the blah blah blah blah blah. He has all that now. What is he gonna do with it?

  • In reply to Nivlac Naharts:

    There are plenty of reasons to question Cutler's football ability or dislike him in general, but I think you're getting into a different area. None of that explains the way fans treated him for leaving the NFC Championship game against Green Bay with what turned out to be a MCL tear -- even your own criticism of him doesn't question his toughness, nor should it. Fans love to bash athletes, they just do.

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    In reply to Roman F:

    Cutler's toughness is not an issue as far as him being willing to do whatever it takes to win. Love that about the guy. Too bad we can't magically go back to 2011 to see what would've happened if he hadn't broken his thumb while chasing down and tackling a defender who was about to score off a pick six, one that wasn't Jay's fault by the way. That was a text book take down. It's a shame so many people bashed him after the 2010 title game but a lot of fans are just like sheep and once reporters and players saw blood in the water it became a national feeding frenzy as the more clueless among us lost what little mind they had. I'm rooting for Jay because I love the Bears but I'm just tired of cringing every time he drops back.

  • In reply to Nivlac Naharts:

    You and me feel about the same way about him. I'm rooting for him and hoping for the best, but you know he's going to throw picks. That's what he does.


  • He gets paid millions to be an NBA player for the Bulls, to help that organization win, and gets the benefit of earning double that off the court through PR with Adidas, etc. The least he can do is do some PR for the Bulls. And I don't really care to hear about his off court workouts anymore. He earns ~ $40 million a year to play a sport. His life should be exercising and he can afford to do it all day long, which any average joe would dream of. Joakim Noah, on the other hand, understands his fortunate position, understands the meaning of doing what it takes to win. I think that Joakim Noah, indirectly, has put a bigger spotlight on Derrick Rose, and I think it's very fair. He's been a below average employee since his injuries began and owes us more.

  • Well this is the softest sports site I ever did see. If ever I've seen a player who got paid and then gave up, it's this guy!

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