Bears Do Something Right?

A pillar of why I started this blog is that comments are typically very mean-spirited and unjustified, the types of things people would never say out loud in a room full of people.  However, sometimes the comments are positive, and the Bears signing of Jared Allen was one of those times.  The Dan Wiederer article got over 150 comments, similar to those after a Bears loss, except that these comments were overwhelmingly positive.  There were over 200 positive-leaning comments across stories by Biggs, Haugh, and Rosenbloom in addition to the Wiederer lead. The Sun-Times had similar high activity around this story.

Apparently, the Bears did something right, for a change.

Brad Hildebran · Top Commenter · Newnan, Georgia
Phil Emery just gave the middle finger to the rest of the division.
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Marc Beeson · Top Commenter
Even if he only has a couple of good years left, this is a major bump for that D-line. And a bold move by Mr. Emery!
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Even the always negative Michael Gray liked the move!

Michael Gray · Follow · Top Commenter
If u still doubt the Bears GM after this...................u have no clue.
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There are others who will dissect the signing of Allen better than I would but I’ll throw in a “hoorah” for Phil Emery.  You have to give it to the guy, so far each year for three years, he has identified the Bears’ biggest need and filled it with one of the best players of the position in the entire NFL.  He has also has made it clear to good-but-not-great players that they can take team-friendly one-year deals or they can take a hike.  It’s almost like having a real NFL GM running the Bears, something none of his predecessors ever seemed to be.  The first two years, he also followed up with solid draft picks at those positions, and may do the same here in 2014.  First, Emery identified the Bears’ need for a legitimate receiving target, then traded for Brandon Marshall, then drafted Alshon Jeffery.  Last year at this time, Emery finally got after filling the left tackle position in a way his predecessors never could, signing Jermon Bushrod and then drafting Kyle Long.  Now, he signs Jared Allen and expect him to draft help along the defensive line.

I recently blogged about Devin Hester and some accuse the Bears of being "Cheap". In essence, Emery released Hester, Peppers, Earl Bennett and others and re-allocated their collective salaries to help bring on Jared Allen. The Bears are not paying big pucks to third receivers, backup running backs or return specialists this year. They are allocating salary to the #1 QB, WR, RB, TE, DE and CB. They still have some holes to fill in the draft.

Switching topics, it’s been six months, and Bears fans still want Chris Conte cut from the team:

Michael Gray · Follow · Top Commenter
Conti? Can't tackle and almost always takes the wrong angle. I don't think he has NFL skills.
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Wes McCullogh likes Allen AND wants Conte cut:

Wes McCullough · Works at Prompt Ambulance
Allen is three years younger then peppers, will make less this year then what we would have had to pay Peppers if we kept him, not to mention Allen still averages double digit sacks and Peppers hasn't for past two years, Go somewhere else troll. Draft Clinton Dix for safety, then come pre-season more money will open up when some of these other guys get cut, hopefully Conte.
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I’m surprised to be writing this, but I’m actually going to defend him in going so far as to say:  Chris Conte should be brought back to the team this year and compete for the starting job.  If he’s the best player in practice and preseason, he should start at safety for the Bears next year.  I’m not suggesting the guy is good – he was so bad in 2013 that even the completely deaf, dumb and blind know it, and feel sorry about it.  But after a promising 2012, Conte was put in a bad position last year, asked to tackle running backs who were running completely untouched through the Bears front seven with a full head of steam, and cover receivers with time for double- and triple-moves.  It’s too much to ask any safety to do well, and in Conte’s case, it shattered the confidence of ant otherwise promising young player.  Conte has size, speed and all the physical traits needed to be a good NFL safety.  He’s still a young player, let’s see how he bounces back from a bad year.  He should and will get plenty of competition and if he doesn’t get his act together, this will be his last year with the Bears.

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