Are the Bears Getting Any Better?

Bears Apologists battle with Chicken Littles over 30 hours and 22 minutes, with 60 souls waging war with 104 comments across 30 posts.  The Chicken Littles outnumbered the apologists 22-19, with only 7 or so folks not ready to declare anything after 5 games, just lamenting the loss for various reasons. Some of the Chicken Littles would have Peppers off the team, others would choose Briggs and Tillman, still others blame the losses of Brian Urlacher and Lovie Smith, all agree the Bears are in for a long season.  Lots of cries for Shea McClellins as a bust, 5 of the 22.  The Apologists ranged from the mighty defenders of Jay Cutler (7), Ray Emery (1) or Lance Briggs (1), while the other 10 think the team is generally on the right track or at least, that there's no cause for alarm.

Full disclosure I was not able to watch this game, only the highlights, so I won't say too much about it, but I've had plenty of time to review the comments.  It's hard to say who won the battle but Chicago-fan-until-she-dies-Jeanne-Brown had the most Liked comments this week in defense of Jay Cutler:

Jeanne Brown ·  Top Commenter

24 of 33, 358 yards, two TDs, 128.1 passer rating. Thats Cutler getting rattled???????
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I agree with Jeanne in that this isn't really the game after which to be going after Cutler.  Everyone who wanted to got a week of it last week but this week falls on other guys.

One great joke this week:

When are we gonna battle and challenge for the Superbowl?


Well played, Harold Montgomery!

I do enjoy the meatball comments that often follow Bears game's, this week's meatball comment goes to Jesse Dhom:

Jesse Dhom ·  Top Commenter · Newton Community High School

Trestman RUN THE DAMN BALL!! Get rid of Peppers,Wright,Conte,Mccllen and Anderson, Play Bostic and Green your defense is a HUGE PILE of dung!!


I personally prefer to keep Peppers when the Bears have absolutely nothing else, and I don't know if Bostic and Greene really improve the team over DJ Williams and James Anderson right now and it's way too early to bail on the season as a rebuilding year.

My friends and I were chatting about this the other day:  It's way too early to jump to conclusions.  Just yesterday, broadcasters around the country were saying that clearly, the Seattle Seahawks were the best team in the NFC.  As of today, those same broadcasters will be saying it's the Saints.  How clear can it be if it can change in a single day?  Same with the Bears, who were not that great after going 3-0 and aren't that bad now.  Bears do some things well, they have some issues, they are hit hard by the injury bug this year so this isn't going to be a Superbowl year or anything, but they really just need to make progress, and figure out who they can count on going into next year.




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